Scouting Notes: 2024 Coates Talent League Girls – Round 5

A MASSIVE seven games took place across Round 5 of the Coates Talent League Girls competition with all four Northern Academy sides in action, and three of those getting a win. Across the board there were plenty of impressive individual efforts, and as always we took note of those who caught our eye. All scouting notes are the opinion of the individual author.

  • Team
  • Murray Bushrangers
  • GIANTS Academy

Murray Bushrangers 2.3 (15) lost to GWS Giants Academy 11.8 (74)


#5 Molly McLaren
Midfielder | 162cm | 14/12/2007

Stats: 15 disposals, 1 mark, 2 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

For a player who did not register a tackle in the match, the Bushrangers’ co-captain certainly applied a lot of pressure on the opposition. Her multiple efforts and contest-to-contest work was what stood out, and though she did not win as much of it as she is capable of, she never gives up. Her competitiveness is outstanding, and she throws herself into everything to try and help her team get over the line.

#9 Holly Egan
Defender/Midfielder | 176cm | 01/07/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 1 inside 50, 4 rebound 50s, 1 goal

In her second game back this season, Egan stepped up to play a key role in transitioning from defence to offence. Though she could be more composed at times, she has a long raking kick and clean and quick hands that allow her to dispose of the b all quickly. She worked hard to push up the ground and even started on-ball at the first centre bounce of the second half. She took a number of strong marks and then at a forward stoppage kicked a crafty goal off a step out of nothing before copping some cramp.

#10 Sophia Green
Defender/Midfielder | 171cm | 22/11/2008

Stats: 21 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 3rebound 50s

A standout performance from the double bottom-ager who backed up game one with another impressive game two. She ran hard on the outside to provide some run and carry, often engaging in one-twos or gaining distance through long kicks. She moved well and is not afraid to go in hard, winning both first and second possessions when at stoppages.

#16 Isabella Klein
Ruck | 170cm | 25/02/2007

Stats: 15 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 13 hitouts, 4 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Considering Klein stands at just 170cm, it is impressive that she is able to compete in the ruck let alone hold her on. She recorded 13 hitouts showing off an impressive vertical jump, and her craft was quite good. She can get outbodied at times, but she impacted outside the stoppages as well, providing an outlet target on both flanks.

#23 Madison Ibrahim
Defender/Midfielder | 169cm | 12/12/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50s

The Vic Country hub member is a competitive utility who started running off half-back and worked into the middle, where she started on-ball in the second half. She has some great hands that are quick and effective, and she also applied a fantastic smother while standing the mark, showing she remained active throughout.

#24 Rose Bell
Defender | 170cm | 18/03/2008

Stats: 14 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s

One of the more impressive defenders in the game, Bell was able to provide some nice rebound out of the back 50, competing both in the air and at ground level. She had an eye-catching moment at one stage where she sidestepped Day from the back pocket off the mark to kick long, and also took a couple of reliable intercept marks.


#7 Sophia de Castella
Midfielder | 164cm | 20/08/2005

Stats: 25 disposals, 11 tackles, 6 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

In her best game of the season, the over-age de Castella kept pushing for four quarters and had the ball on a string. Racking up the most touches for her side, her defensive pressure was outstanding, and she set the tone with a holding the ball free kick early in the game. In terms of her profile, de Castella is a sound decision maker and her vision is quite good, with just her excecution that could be tidied up over medium-to-longer distances. Still, she impacted the game consistently with her contest-to-contest work.

#11 Megan Mifsud
Midfielder | 164cm | 05/07/2005

Stats: 20 disposals, 1 mark, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 1 goal

Cracking in around the stoppages and then pushing forward, Mifsud played her usual role and influenced defensively at the coalface. Her stoppage work was sound and she is very good at extracting the ball from in close. When inside 50 she read it well off hands to snap truly midway through the third term, though also made some errors by foot when under pressure. Setting Day up for her fifth goal in the fourth quarter, Mifsud was one of the better Giants across the course of the day.

#20 Ashley Patton
Forward | 170cm | 26/09/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 rebound 50, 1 goal, 1 behind

Patton might have only kicked the one goal – that came in the third term from some brilliant forward craft off the outside of the boot from 30m out – but she always looked dangerous when the ball entered the forward 50. She should have had another major early in the game but her accurate shot on goal was touched on the line. A highlight further afield was when Patton worked up to half-back and took off running, with a few bounces breaking the lines before kicking to a contest at half-forward.

#23 Amelie Prosser-Shaw
Midfielder | 175cm | 14/11/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 1 mark, 11 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

While offensively Prosser-Shaw has had bigger games, she was still up for the fight defensively, crashing and bashing her way through congestion to lay double-digit tackles in the win. She laid a huge hip-and-shoulder on an opponent midway through the second term, and while her efficiency was down on her usual high output, she still impacted through her speed in transition and defensive intent.

#32 Isla Wiencke
Midfielder/Forward | 174cm | 30/03/2007

Stats: 23 disposals, 2 marks. 5 tackles, 13 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50, 2 goals

The bottom-ager continues to make waves playing through that midfield then going forward and hitting the scoreboard. She covers the ground well and gets into ball-winning positions between the arcs, then slotted two goals at either end of the game from marks inside 50. While at times she can just thump it long inside 50 to positions rather than direct teammates, she still sets up a number of scoring opportunities through her decision making.

#38 Majella Day
Forward | 175cm | 11/03/2008

Stats: 8 disposals, 3 marks, 1 tackle, 5 goals, 2 behinds

The double bottom-ager a day out kicking five goals. She kicked the first of the day and then kicked two in the second quarter, and one each in the third and fourth terms showing a consistent performance. As a deep forward, Day did not see much daylight outside the forward 50, and did miss a couple of good chances as well, but with seven scores from eight disposals, it showed her ability to make the most of her chances.

  • Team
  • Gippsland Power
  • Western Jets

Gippsland Power 6.4 (40) defeated Western Jets 4.4 (28)


#15 Jasmine Sowden
Midfielder | 164cm | 17/12/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 4 marks, 11 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

While Sowden has had more productive games in terms of numbers, she still played her role with a strong effort through midfield. Capable of using both sides of her body, Sowden impacted with her contest-to-contest work and defensive pressure, while also producing an eye-catching fend-off in the third term.

#16 Ash Centra
Midfielder/Forward | 174cm | 02/06/2006

Stats: 30 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles, 1 hitout, 2 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s, 4 goals

In a match that was perhaps even better than her ridiculous 40-plus and four-goal effort earlier in the year, Centra finished with 30 and four against a side that was well aware of her potential. Despite Grieves doing her best around the stoppages, Centra was unstoppable around the ground, and more critically when her side was on the ropes, stepped up to deliver in a huge way. She kicked the first four goals for her team and did all the damage to essentially put her side back in front with her aerial presence, run-and-carry and overall execution just ridiculous.

#19 Ella Stoddart
Defender/Forward | 173cm | 30/01/2007

Stats: 21 disposals, 2 marks, 1 inside 50, 4 rebound 50s, 2 goals, 1 behind

The rebounding defender had a role change late in the match where she was able to sneak forward and kick a couple of goals on the run. Essentially sealing the result, Stoddart’s two majors came within four minutes during the fourth quarter where she further ignited the spark that Centra lit to ensure the Power got over the line. While her defensive work was at a similar standard, it was that ability to push forward and impact the scoreboard that provided the difference.

#29 Rebecca Fitzpatrick
Midfielder | 170cm | 31/01/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Working hard across the ground, Fitzpatrick did not win a stack of the ball, but her role is so important within the Power’s side. She is a contested ball-winning talent, but can get to the outside and use it well. Fitzpatrick stands up in tackles and uses her strength to win hardballs at the coalface.

#32 Abby Hobson
Forward | 174cm | 11/09/2007

Stats: 21 disposals, 9 marks, 2 tackles, 7 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

An exciting centre half-forward, Hobson has velcro hands and is near impossible to contain with her one-grab marks a highlight of her game. She presents on leads regularly and thumps it inside 50 to put pressure on the opposition defence. While she missed a flying shot early in the match and is still developing some areas of game, Hobson causes all sorts of headaches for opposition defenders when in full flight.


#9 Sierra Grieves
Midfielder | 163cm | 18/05/2006

Stats: 30 disposals, 3 marks, 7 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Another outstanding game from the AFLW Academy member, Grieves was everywhere across the course of the game. Her defensive prowess has always been a strength of hers, but she has added greater impact going the other way over the last 18 months. On several occasions, the midfielder looked to run and carry, taking multiple bounces going forward at one stage, and even pulling out the party tricks with a one-handed grab on the wing. She sidestepped Centra leaving the Power star on the ground in a remarkable piece of play off the mark, and provided resistance on-ball with plenty of tackles at stoppages.

#30 Alex McBride-Loane
Defender/Ruck | 173cm | 03/04/2007

Stats: 16 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles, 14 hitouts, 3 inside 50s, 3 rebound 50s

McBride-Loane once again rotated between defence and ruck, where she had some nice plays across the course of the game. A bursting run from half-back straight down the corridor in the second term was a highlight, while she worked into the game well through the middle quarters. The Jets tall ran into trouble at one sage when she was tackled not realising the opponent was there, then produced a late bump straight after in frustration which was a downfield free. Aside from that though, McBride-Loane provided some important aerial moments even if she did not take the mark.

  • Team
  • Swans Academy
  • Tasmania Devils

Sydney Swans Academy 7.5 (47) lost to Tasmania Devils 7.6 (48)


#6 Taylor Smith
Forward | 166cm | 27/09/2006

Stats: 10 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 goal, 1 behind

The Swans Academy forward does not need a lot of touches to have an impact inside 50, playing above her height to be a marking target inside 50. Aerially she will match up against anyone, and she also provided some great defensive pressure such as her huge run-down tackle on Jasmyn Thompson in attack late in the third term. Smith could make more of her chances count on goal, but she did kick one from a close range set shot with two minutes to go to ramp up the pressure on the Devils.

#10 Ella Parker
Defender | 170cm | 04/10/2006

Stats: 11 disposals, 1 mark, 7 tackles, 3 rebound 50s

Parker worked hard from half-back to push up the wing and try and create some run and carry. While under pressure she can rush at times, she backs her pace and is not afraid to lay some big tackles. She did just that in the goalsquare late in the first term to lock it up and positioned herself well a kick behind the play to be a switch option or outlet to drive the ball down the field.

#11 Lily Race
Wing | 171cm | 24/01/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 1 goal

The hard-running Swan had an eye-catching game pushing forward and and playing an aggressive style. She took a great mark under pressure in the second erm and was able to deliver her kick with precision. Thanks to a 50m penalty, Race also converted a set shot goal midway through the third term, while otherwise stretching the opposition with her positioning on the wing.

#12 Lucy Yates
Midfielder | 159cm | 23/07/2006

Stats: 20 disposals, 8 tackles, 3 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Yates is a first-possession winner and contested talent who might not be tall, but is willing to compete regardless of the opposition’s size. She is a terrific defensive midfielder, and while she is handball-happy in the sense that she leans heavily towards that side, her role also leans into it more. Quick to release by hand, she brings others into the game by drawing contact and finding the open teammate with a nicely weighted handball.

#16 Lauren Bull
Forward | 173cm | 10/01/2006

Stats: 10 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 1 goal

Providing a target in teh forward half of the ground, Bull kicked the one goal which was a set shot from 35m out and never looked like missing. Her field kicking is quite impressive and if she does not mark she will usually bring it to ground as she is strong in the contest and understands the importance of not losing a one-on-one rather than necessarily just winning it.

#24 Imogen Brown
Midfielder/Forward | 169cm | 03/03/2005

Stats: 17 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50, 1 goal

Continuing to make an impact as an over-ager, Brown brought the heat in the nail-biting game, laying six tackles and providing pressure around the ball. She can not only play through the middle, but also up forward, presenting on leads and taking strong marks. A set shot from 40m missed early in the fourth term, but she soon capitalised off a turnover with a clever snap in the final four minutes of the match.

#26 Taya White
Defender | 171cm | 25/05/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 5 rebound 50s

As reliable as they come in the back half, aside from one major turnover early in the fourth quarter that resulted in a goal to Read, White generally used the ball well and was composed under pressure. In the air she competed strongly, and on kickouts she both looked for short options and drove it long out of the back 50 depending on the situation. Not just an accumulator, White is capable one-on-one deep in defence.


#1 Mischa Barwin
Forward/Midfielder | 164cm | 04/12/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 4 marks, 10 tackles, 6 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

The talented bottom-ager might not have had the numbers of past weeks, but she was still able to catch the eye each time she went near it. She spreads well and can win it on the inside or outside, and when forward can act as a distributor in transition. A highly defensive talent who has athletic gifts, Barwin was able to set up a goal off an intercept in the first term. Still light, but Barwin is clever at ducking out the back of stoppages to use her run and carry down the ground.

#4 Ava Read
Forward | 176cm | 21/06/2006

Stats: 6 disposals, 3 marks, 1 tackle, 1 inside 50, 2 goals, 1 behind

Limited by opportunities, Read does not need a lot of chances to impact the scoreboard. Her first goal came after finding herself all alone in the goalsquare and taking an easy mark, with her next coming off a poor kickout that she intercepted then went back and put it straight over the goal umpire’s hat. Read outmarked Kendra Blattman at one stage of the contest which was an impressive feat against stiff opposition. Her strength one-on-one is astounding considering she is light, but pound-for-pound will match it with anyone.

#10 Meg Harrison
Wing | 166cm | 03/11/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Boasting an outstanding work rate, Harrison covered the ground with ease up and down the field and took a great intercept mark on the defensive goalline. Her defensive work is what stands out and she runs hard both ways, while being clean at ground level. Under pressure she can tend to dump kick a little, but without pressure is able to weight her disposals well. All in all, she had an impact with her running and contest-to-contest work.

#13 Lucy Thompson
Forward | 170cm | 14/06/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 9 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 goal, 1 behind

Returning to the side for only her second game of the season, Thompson impressed in different ways to usual. Often a marking target inside 50, Thompson was more of a ground level player in this one, having shots on goal in play off snaps including a clever goal after bursting forward and taking the ball cleanly five minutes into the second term. She missed chances she should have converted after rushing a touch, but has potential with her power, producing a strong fend-off and then bustling past opponents for a shot on goal early in the fourth that registered a behind.

#14 Taia Lette
Forward/Ruck | 175cm | 21/03/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tckles, 10 hitouts, 4 inside 50s, 2 goals

The key position player rotated between forward and ruck, providing some nice highlights in both. She kicked a clever goal off a step in the first term and then won a free kick in the ruck midway through the last which allowed her to convert a set shot goal. She is raw in some areas of her game, but has some nice mobility for a tall, sidestepping an opponent on a wing to cut inboard during the third term, and also winning the first clearance for the second quarter.

#15 Priya Bowering
Midfielder | 167cm | 02/01/2007

Stats: 23 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50, 1 behind

An instrumental natural leader, Bowering is a player who leads by example in the way she goes about it. Cracking in to win the contested ball, she breaks through tackles, feeds it out to teammates, or thumps it long to dangerous spots. At times she can go to ground a little too much, but she has clean hands and is incredibly strong, allowing her to stand up under pressure. She had a shot on goal taking it off hands from a forward stoppage in the first term but it cannoned into the post.

#26 Harriet Bingley
Midfielder/Defender | 172cm | 23/03/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 3 tackles, 1 hitout, 1 inside 50, 3 rebound 50s, 1 goal

Another strong midfielder with a powerful burst, Bingley has found her home rotating between on-ball and defence. She is strong one-on-one, competitive and has a powerful burst going down the ground. When around the ball inside 50, Bingley produced a classy snap around her body for her side’s second goal of the contest. One who can kick for distance at times, she is an effective inside player but can also be a marking all around the ground despite not taking one in this match.

#29 Mackenzie Williams
Defender/Midfielder | 171cm | 26/06/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 8 rebound 50s

Williams has begun developing her midfield craft this season and that continued in patches once again. In the fourth term she moved on-ball and was able to use her booming kick to get it inside 50, though once the Swans started to come back, Williams was thrown back to assist the defence. She loves to run and take the game on, and has the strength to play midfield, able to breakthrough opposition tackles and keep the ball moving in transition.

  • Team
  • Dandenong Stingrays
  • SUNS Academy

Dandenong Stingrays 4.1 (25) lost to Gold Coast Suns Academy 6.11 (47)


#3 Jemma Reynolds
Midfielder/Forward | 163cm | 29/04/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 rebound 50

It was a tough day for the Stingrays once the Suns Academy got going, but Reynolds was one of the most consistent across the four quarters. She was often under pressure and forced to dispose of it quickly which resulted in a few more turnovers than the usual classy midfielder produces. Still, she was impressive in the way she kept getting to the right spots, winning it in all thirds of the ground and was clean by hand around the stoppages.

#49 Kate Terri
Midfielder | 165cm | 25/11/2006

Stats: 22 disposals, 1 mark, 6 tackles, 1 hitout, 5 inside 50s

The top-ager worked hard all match and continued to present contest-to-contest, often being a first possession winger or a tackler. She provided drive into attack with an equal team-high five inside 50s, and never took a backwards step. It was easy to see why she was named the coach’s best, not only with her team-high 22 disposals, but her attack on the ball was fierce.

#54 Ruby Geurts
Defender | 169cm | 17/09/2008

Stats: 16 disposals, 5 marks, 1 tackle, 6 rebound 50s

The double bottom-age defender had a couple of shaky moments early once again like last week, but once she settled into the game, played an important role across half-back. She is generally a clean user of the ball and pushes up the ground as well to win the ball, being a switch option or rebounder who teammates like to get the ball in the hands of in transition. Geurts has plenty of upside to build on over the next few seasons.

#68 Gabrielle Mehrmann
Forward/Ruck | 178cm | 11/09/2008

Stats: 6 disposals, 1 mark, 4 tackles, 5 hitouts, 3 rebound 50s, 2 goals

Making her Coates Talent League Girls debut, Mehrmann caught the eye with her work inside 50 and competitiveness in the ruck. Against three athletic stars in Harris, Davies and Baron, it was always going to be a steep task to try and win sheer hitouts, but her competitiveness – which included follow-up tackles – was strong. She used her body well, and kicked her first early in the game through good bodywork, then got out the back late in the match and slotted her second on the run.


#4 Heidi Talbot
Defender | 161cm | 18/12/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 3 marks, 10 tackles, 1 inside 50, 3 rebound 50s

The North Cairns top-ager settled into life off half-back with aplomb, racking the ball up and getting into the right spots to receive and go. Her defensive pressure has always been a highlight of her game and that was on display once again on the weekend. While working on her groundballs and final execution while at speed, Talbot is a high metres gained player and is as fierce as anyone, running down multiple opponents on the day. She mopped up in defence and was able to find plenty of space as well to work her way from contest to contest.

#17 Alannah Welsh
Forward | 170cm | 23/11/2007

Stats: 17 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 1 goal, 2 behinds

An aggressive bottom-ager who spent her time forward in this game, Welsh had her changes on goal, and kicked a brilliant long-range set shot late in the third erm. She missed a couple of others, but had some highlights such as a huge fend-off late in the first term, and crashed and bashed her way around the forward 50.

#22 Tara Harrington
Midfielder | 166cm | 24/03/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 1 mark, 10 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Playing an unheralded role on the inside, Harrington is such a clean and classy distributor. She works hard around the ground with great running capacity and does not panic when tackled. Her extraction work really stood out, and she stepped up in the second half in particular, putting a number of kicks to the hotspot just outside the goalsquare. Her shots on goal were not quite enough to register a score, but Harrington’s influence was in her disposal, hitting a pinpoint pass to Baron inside 50.

#23 Mia Salisbury
Defender/Midfielder | 168cm | 27/06/2006

Stats: 22 disposals, 4 marks, 4 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Salisbury has taken the expanded role into the midfield this season well, and stands out as a composed user of the ball. Her decision making is quite impressive and with each game she is growing in confidence. A set shot from 40m was touched across the line in the second term, but her best work came in the defensive half of the ground, using her smarts to springboard forward and create scoring opportunities.

#29 Georja Davies
Utility | 183cm | 17/01/2007

Stats: 13 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 5 hitouts, 5 inside 50s, 1 behind

One of the three-pronged ruck division, Davies spent less time in the ruck and instead had the freedom to roam around. She provided a target when at half-forward, but also won it at half-back, showing off her athleticism with two consecutive efforts of candy selling at half-back. She might have had less touches than last week, but played a role and was able to work around the ground with some freedom.

#30 Havana Harris
Utility | 181cm | 01/07/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 1 mark, 4 tackles, 18 hitouts, 3 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s

Harris was outstanding across the course of the match, having maximum influence around the ground. She went from the ruck, to the midfield to full-forward and was hard to contain wherever she went. Clean below her knees and using her explosive speed at times, she ran hard on the outside to drive the ball forward. Her pressure was up and she seemed to do a bit of everything, winning the ball in each third of the ground.

#31 Dekota Baron
Forward | 178cm | 03/01/2007

Stats: 15 disposals, 9 marks, 4 tackles, 19 hitouts, 1 inside 50, 4 goals, 1 behind

It was a dominant display from the bottom-ager who kicked four goals – three of which came in the second half when the game was on the line. Her hands were incredibly strong and she clunked grabs with ease and led out well consistently. But in a different role, Baron was thrown into the ruck where she proved just as influential there against the opposition and had 19 hitouts, the most of anyone. Not only is she is a natural forward, but Baron has great vision and can hit targets by foot consistently too going forward.

  • Team
  • Geelong Falcons
  • Calder Cannons

Geelong Falcons 6.10 (46) defeated Calder Cannons 3.7 (25)


#1 Lucy Marescuk
Wing | 163cm | 31/03/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Marescuk has produced some impressive games the last few weeks, and has gained confidence using her run and carry between the arcs. On the weekend, Marescuk had several forward thrusts where she was clean off the deck and quick to dispose of it well, before following up with her work. Her kick early in the third term following a burst of speed was quite impressive, and while she is still sharpening up some elements of her craft, stepped up in the absence of skipper Morrissy.

#7 Sara Howley
Midfielder/Forward | 173cm | 29/01/2006

Stats: 32 disposals, 9 marks, 8 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50, 3 goals, 1 behind

A dominant game from the high accumulator who brought her own ball once again and spent the last part of the mat h inside 50. She kicked three goals in the last 25 minutes, two of which came from 50m penalties, and another from a clever snap around her body. She should have had a fourth after intercepting a rushed dump kick 25m out from her side’s goals but that missed to the left. Still, she ran the opposition ragged by zipping and zagging all over the field, and laid some great defensive pressure while basically being left alone for the most part, taking many uncontested marks and dictating play.

#24 Georgia Tyrrell
Midfielder | 168cm | 04/08/2007

Stats: 22 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Tyrrell had her moments playing through the midfield and cracking in to win a lot of contested ball. She was quick by hand or foot and won it in each third of the ground throughout the match. She lowers the eyes when going inside 50 which is important, and was clean when she had her opportunities. Overall a good all-round game.

#27 Seisia White
Forward | 164cm | 07/10/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 4 marks, 6 tackles, 6 inside 50s

White is the type of player who does not need a lot of disposals to do damage. She attacks the contest at 100 per cent, and has the rare ability to look like a fierce contested ball-winner, but still have the class on the outside in transition. Competitive overhead and at ground level, her tackling was fierce and she set up a number of scoring chains with her work between the arcs. While a natural high half-forward who applies pressure, White also spent time on the inside late when Howley was forward.

#19 Tara Trethowan
Defender/Wing | 163cm | 20/05/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles, 2 inside 50s

Trethowan went head-to-head with Albrecht early in the game at half-back and laid a great tackle, before rolling into the wing rotations. She had a couple of good inside 50s where she was effective, including a pinpoint pass to Sienna Mallon inside 50. While she did not win a stack of it, she caught the eye both with and without the ball.

#32 Rebecca Clottey
Forward | 166cm | 05/05/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 1 mark, 10 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 1 goal, 1 behind

The tenacious forward kicked the goal of the day with a brilliant checkside off a step while under pressure providing a great spark for the Falcons in the third term, but then missed the set shot shortly after following a great run-down tackle. It was one of Clottey’s more complete games, working up to half-forward then dashing back goalside, and she is very clean at ground level.

#38 Stella Huxtable
Midfield/Forward | 170cm | 22/12/2007

Stats: 19 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s, 1 goal, 1 behind

Huxtable started on-ball and played through the midfield winning it at the coalface and in space. As a taller midfielder, Huxtable is strong overhead and kicked a classy goal on the run during the second term. She is not afraid to provide run and carry down the wing, and worked hard to get into defence to intercept and drive it forward. A promising prospect for next year as a late-year birth.


#1 Maddison Albrecht
Forward | 160cm | 07/09/2006

Stats: 9 disposals, 2 tackles, 1 inside 50, 2 rebound 50s

In for her first game of the 2024 Coates Talent League Girls season, Albrecht made an okay return to the competition. She ran hard, put her body on the line and applied pressure, while pushing up the ground to spend time through the middle of the ground as well. She is small, but attacks it hard, with her speed and work rate catching the eye. Will be better for the run and when she has more opportunities.

#5 Jade McLay
Utility | 177cm | 01/02/2007

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 5 tackles, 1 hitout, 2 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Yet again McLay found herself in the wars, this time on the end of a White tackle that left her worse for wear. But being the warrior she is, McLay returned to the field in the second term and got to work once again. Throughout the game she was okay without being outstanding, and tried hard in all parts of the ground. Her power at stoppages and thumping kick stand out along with her strength, and she produced a good spoil when in attack midway through the final term to keep the ball in the area.

#15 Shauna McElligott
Forward | 162cm | 05/03/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 4 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 rebound 50, 1 goal

She might not be the finished product just yet, but McElligott has all the tools to be a really exciting talent. Standing at only 162cm, McElligott plays well above her height, flying for a huge mark late in the third term – though ultimately not able to bring it down – and able to find space inside 50 to mark and convert the set shot goal. She had another couple of chances that went astray, but her defensive pressure is very good.

#30 Kyla Forbes
Midfielder/Forward | 168cm | 07/09/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 goal, 2 behind

The left-footer has her moments in games, the first of which came after a mark inside 50 and subsequent set shot goal from 35m. She missed another chance later in the first term, but continued to win it well out of the centre stoppage, having the most impact as a midfielder. Defensively she sometimes got caught ball watching such as when opposed to Howley who slipped out the back to mark a dump kick from a Cannons defender, but as a first possession winner was clean on the inside.

#47 Lara Churchill
Forward | 161cm | 24/08/2007

Stats: 9 disposals, 4 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 behind

The small forward might not have set the world on fire with her statline, but she was far more influential than her nine touches and four tackles might suggest. She hunted the football and the opposition, and applied plenty of pressure even when not rewarded with a tackle. Her sole score was a behind in the second term, but it was her defensive game that stood up.

  • Team
  • GWV Rebels
  • Bendigo Pioneers

GWV Rebels 7.7 (49) defeated Bendigo Pioneers 6.0 (36)


#1 Isabella Davies
Defender/Midfielder | 160cm | 29/10/2006

Stats: 23 disposals, 1 mark, 9 tackles, 8 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Starting at half-back before rotating with Lang into the middle, Davies continued her form of the first month with another industrious performance. She runs hard, gets into ball-winning spots and applies enormous defensive pressure. Though not tall, she is able to crack in and bring down bigger opponents, and has a long kick for a player of her size. She is clean at ground level, and neat when in space, and though she could tidy up execution under pressure, is as consistent and courageous as they come.

#4 Elise Cook
Midfielder | 170cm | 28/01/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 1 mark, 6 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 1 goal, 1 behind

Cook was one of the standout Rebels in the win, playing her role through the middle and working well around the ground. Her standout trait is her clean hands at ground level, almost always winning it in one-take. Though not the quickest player, Cook is smart through traffic and and create her own space at times, driving the ball to the top of 50 on a number of occasions. Her balance of offensive running with defensive pressure was well balanced.

#8 Scarlett O’Donnell
Midfielder/Forward | 170cm | 03/11/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 1 mark, 6 tackles, 5 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

Playing forward and rotating through the middle, O’Donnell showed some promising signs as a newcomer to the program this year. She moves well through traffic thanks to a powerful burst, and has a thumping kick to-boot. Though still developing a consistent output, O’Donnell produced her best game yet with 16 touches and six tackles. She also played a more aggressive role in moving the ball in transition.

#15 Millie Lang
Midfielder/Defender | 177cm | 06/11/2006

Stats: 29 disposals, 8 marks, 2 tackles, 3 inside 50s, 5 rebound 50s

For the third consecutive round, Lang started on-ball and the rolled back to defence where she starred as an interceptor. While still working on her midfield craft, Lang’s bread and butter comes in sitting behind the ball and clunking consistent marks, then driving it out of defence with her penetrating left boot. Strong one-on-one and as reliable as they come in the air, Lang provides a sense of comfort for the coaches when she is in the defensive 50.

#17 Claire Mahony
Key Forward | 181cm | 21/08/2006

Stats: 11 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 6 hitouts, 4 goals, 1 behind

Mahony essentially called time on the game midway through the second term with four goals to her name and outscoring the opposition at that point. She was marking it, finding space to run into goals and sharking it from the ruck and snapping around her body on her way to her four majors, heading into half-time as the dominant player on the field. She had less chances in the second half as Bendigo started to take more control up the field, but the work she did in the first 30 minutes of the match essentially won her side the game. A rundown tackle on Lacy in the second term was also outstanding.

#20 Ruby Thomas
Midfielder/Forward | 160cm | 02/05/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 8 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s, 1 goal, 2 behinds

A clever forward who can play through the midfield as well, Thomas got that opportunity when starting on-ball in the match. She then went forward and kicked a nice goal off a classy snap, which came off a set shot miss just a minute earlier. She spent time following Douglas round in the middle and applying great pressure on her opponents with an impressive eight tackles.


#2 Olivia Lacy
Defender | 167cm | 15/06/2006

Stats: 13 disposals, 3 marks, 12 tackles, 1 inside 50, 4 rebound 50s

Lacy is a player who has some nice upside and has built on her performances last season. She has provided a consistent drive off half-back and is neat by hand or foot. Her defensive pressure against the Rebels was outstanding, laying more tackles (12) than she had in the first three weeks combined (11). She could improve her awareness at times, getting rundown unsuspectingly by Mahony and almost getting rundown early in the third term, but she takes risks and is generally able to hit targets neatly off half-back.

#13 Jemmika Douglas
Midfielder/Defender | 166cm | 20/02/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 6 tackles, 6 inside 50s

Douglas is class personified and she really stepped up in the absence of Painter through the midfield. While having the luxury of spending more time behind the ball in recent weeks, Douglas was predominantly a midfielder against the Rebels, and worked so well at the stoppages. She reads the play exceptionally, and off hands can time her dash through congestion. Boasting a nice quick first few steps and a balance of strength and speed, Douglas is showing promising signs for her top-age season coming off a bottom-age year ruined by injury. Her best play came early in the second term where she burst out of the middle, fended off an opponent and then stepped between two more to kick forward.

#30 Issy Boulton
Forward/Midfielder | 150cm | 21/11/2007

Stats: 14 disposals, 4 marks, 7 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s, 2 goals

Though she might have been the smallest player on the field, Boulton is one who has some fantastic skills and smarts. She can kick across her body from a standing start finding Gregor inside 50 early in the match. She then sat forward and kicked a couple of goals herself, and when not kicking them, she was putting the ball into dangerous positions by lowering the eyes. Her size will always be a query but from a footballing sense she has a lot of exciting traits.

#45 Lexi Gregor
Key Forward | 180cm | 07/04/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 rebound 50, 2 goals

The co-skipper was a presence in attack once again clunking six marks from 17 disposals and slotting two goals. She missed an early one badly going out on the full, but quickly kicked a couple of set shots in the second term. Able to present up the field as well as inside 50, Gregor is a high-upside key forward who impacts games both on the scoreboard and with her leadership.

  • Team
  • Eastern Ranges
  • Lions Academy

Eastern Ranges 4.2 (26) lost to Brisbane Lions Academy 5.12 (42)


#6 Tayla McMillan
Midfielder | 161cm | 25/05/2007

Stats: 27 disposals, 4 marks, 7 tackles, 7 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s

The classy midfielder was at her best once again and a standout on-field even in a loss. Her clean hands and decision making under pressure stood out, and she backs her pace to explode from a stoppage as well. Defensively she produced a number of highlights once again, including a terrific run-down tackle. Offensively her vision, which included a brilliant kick in traffic to hit up Emma Stilve for a goal was sublime, and she really had the complete game.

#10 Jordyn Allen
Midfielder | 166cm | 12/11/2007

Stats: 21 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles, 1 inside 50, 3 rebound 50s

Allen started the game really strongly and is capable of winning it on the inside or outside, spreading well from the contest and both a first and second possession winner. She laid her fair share of tackles too, and can role back into defence as a secondary position. Allen is a strong decision maker and is happy to bite off those 45-degree kicks into the corridor, backing her skills and smarts to get the job done.

#11 Grace Belloni
Midfielder | 174cm | 09/09/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s

Belloni provides the bigger body in the midfield alongside McMillan and Allen and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She can shovel out a handball to her quicker runners, but has the powerful burst to breakthrough would-be tacklers. Her work rate to get into space and clunk marks adds a point of difference as well.

#12 Georgia Knight
Forward | 164cm | 11/10/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 2 inside 50s, 3 goals, 1 behind

It looked to be a big day for Knight who kicked the first goal of the game and a behind that followed shortly after, and it turned out to be a pretty strong outing. Knight possesses outstanding forward craft and can read the ball in flight well, timing her leads inside 50 to perfection. She finished with three majors and provided a target inside 50.

#24 Evie Parker
Wing | 179cm | 06/07/2006

Stats: 17 disposals, 7 marks, 7 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50

Parker was very strong defensively in the same, running hard up and down the wing, but also adding an extra number to the contest when required and applying pressure through tackles. She takes the game on and can do all the offensive elements right, but her defensive attributes stood out on the day. At one stage she went back with the flight courageously to clunk a mark too.


#3 Zimra Hussain
Forward | 01/01/2006 | 160cm

Stats: 9 disposals, 1 mark, 5 tackles, 1 inside 50, 1 goal, 1 behind

Spending her time exclusively forward, Hussain was utilised as a pressure player inside 50, laying several strong tackles and looking to force turnovers from the opposition defence. She converted a set shot goal from the pocket, and set up a couple of other chances with neat touches. While Hussain did not have a huge game, she played her role inside 50 which was key.

#11 Mia Geere
Midfielder | 171cm | 08/04/2008

Stats: 21 disposals, 5 marks, 1 tackle, 6 inside 50s, 1 rebound 50, 1 behind

A standout for the Lions Academy, the back-to-back Under 16s All-Australian used her run and carry through the middle and in transition going forward. Her burst speed is her most eye-catching trait, and time and time again she worked her way through traffic to do so. Composure once she has got through will be the next key for her, as Geere has a thumping kick that can be honed into something even more damaging. Strong overhead once again as well.

#12 Isabella McDonough
Wing | 164cm | 13/02/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 3 marks, 11 tackles, 4 inside 50s, 2 rebound 50s, 1 behind

After a strong first game, McDonough was again busy for the Lions Academy, finding her fair share of the ball on the inside and outside, and was able to get it forward. She lays a stack of tackles and is quick by hand, with the let-footer always trying to keep the ball moving and get it forward. When on the wing, McDonough is similar to Parker in the way she can add an extra number to the stoppage and lock it in through her defensive pressure.

#15 Sophie Schulze
Forward | 165cm | 10/06/2007

Stats: 7 disposals, 3 tackles, 3 inside 50s, 2 goals

After a quiet first game due to limited opportunities, Schulze showed her class in front of the big sticks, slotting two goals. Her finishing was impressive, and she twice got into the right position to convert on the run. Not a massive accumulator due to her role, Schulze bobbed up when required and was rewarded for her hard running.

#19 Kaia Hides
Defender | 167cm | 09/02/2006

Stats: 10 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles, 1 inside 50

Providing some dash off half-back and working hard to assist her teammates, Hides provided some nice run in transition turning defence into offence. The main area for her to work on is her ground balls, which would assist her in giving herself more time. Overall she still played a nice game and contributed.

#30 Laura Roy
Defender | 172cm | 16/08/2005

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 1 inside 50, 7 rebound 50s, 1 behind

Roy was one of the better Lions across four quarters, taking the game on from defence and using her booming left boot to full advantage. She intercepted both in the air and ground level, and rebounded from danger throughout the match. She got forward in the last quarter to have a shot on goal that missed, but was always aggressive in her movement, and has shown over the last couple of years she is capable of playing other roles too.

#34 Farrandai Hopkins
Defender | 168cm | 10/04/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 1 inside 50, 10 rebound 50s

The full-back had the job on Knight for the most part, and while her opponent did kick the three goals, Hopkins was able to clunk a number of good marks herself and thump it clear from defence. She has a powerful kick that can hit targets over multiple distances, and her one-on-one work is very impressive. At times she got caught behind her opponent, but Hopkins is more of a grappling defender and she showed that with some strong defensive plays.

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