Q&A: Jemma Reynolds (Dandenong Stingrays)

DANDENONG Stingrays top-ager Jemma Reynolds has started the 2024 Coates Talent League Girls season on fire, averaging 23 disposals per game across her first six matches. Her form includes two games of 29 or 30 disposals, including a standout performance against the Brisbane Lions Academy last weekend.

An explosive on-baller with clean hands and class personified, Reynolds has great awareness around the stoppages and it has shown in 2024. We spoke to the talented midfielder/forward at this year’s Coates Talent League Girls Preseason Testing Day to find out about what she thinks of her game, who she looks up to, and the goals she has set herself.

Q: You’ve had a pretty ripper day here today (Preseason Testing Day), talk me through the strengths in your game and how you exploit your athleticism on the field?

JR: “The strength in my game is definitely my footy IQ and clean groundballs. I guess being quick the first five metres of that sprint, getting away from a pack will definitely help my game.”

Q: What are you looking to improve on at the moment?

JR: “At the moment i’m traditionally more of a receiver when I play in the midfield, but I would like to get in and be a ball-winner to get it out as well to bring that into my game.”

Q: Do you anticipate to purely play midfield this year or mix it up?

JR: “I’ll probably be playing a mixture of forward and midfield, probably a bit more midfield than last year, but I still like getting down into the forwardline. Hopefully I can have a bit more of an impact on the scoreboard this year as well. That’s a goal of mine.”

Q: Are there any players you look up to at the top level?

JR: “In the AFL, I definitely look up to Scott Pendlebury, his composure and he just looks like he has all the time in the world every time he touches the ball. In the AFLW I look up to Chloe Molloy because she’s just an entertainer and she loves a snag.”

Q: Are you a Pies fan?

JR: “I’m not. I’m actually a Richmond fan.”

Q: Any story behind that?

JR: “My dad goes for Richmond, that’s probably about it. A lot of my friends go for Richmond too.”

Q: In terms of your goals or the year, what kinds of things do you want to tick off?

JR: “Like I said as a short-term one, I guess impacting on the scoreboard in the games, but more of a long-term bigger goal is definitely to get drafted.”

Q: Have you thought about playing interstate if that’s what it comes to, or would you like to stay at home?

JR: I’d be more than happy to go interstate or stay home. Anything suits me. I wouldn’t mind an adventure into another state, and obviously staying at home makes it a bit more practical, so either or for me.”

Q: We’ll finish off with your journey through football, how you started, and how you came through the pathways?

JR: “I started just playing at schools with all the boys, markers up and little games whatever it was. I always wanted to play but I used to play basketball and it would clash so I didn’t start until Under 12s. From there I just loved it and kept moving through all the programs and the different leagues and worked my way up to Stingrays to where I am now.”

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