Scouting Notes: Sandringham Dragons vs. Oakleigh Chargers

SANDRINGHAM Dragons bounced back onto the winners list after beating local rival Oakleigh with a goal after the siren. In a standalone Coates Talent League fixture on Friday night, the Dragons very nearly scuppered a 24-point lead with under 12 minutes on the clock, before Harry Armstrong proved the hero.

Scheduled during the APS bye and on the eve of Vic Metro’s opening National Championships game, the match allowed several emerging talents to take centre stage under RSEA Park’s lights. We took note of some of the best performers and prospects from either side in a one-off edition of Scouting Notes.

SANDRINGHAM DRAGONS 6.4 | 8.6 | 10.10 | 13.11 (89)
OAKLEIGH CHARGERS 3.0 | 4.2 | 7.4 | 13.5 (83)

Sandringham: H. Armstrong 4, A. Ludowyke 3, R. Collins, M. Kirkwood-Scott, J. Haeata, F. Teelow, B. Findlay, A. Edwards
Oakleigh: W. Davey-Motlop 5, Q. McKay 3, C. Sammartino 2, J. Ison, L. Emmett, O. Badr

Sandringham: H. Armstrong, M. Kirkwood-Scott, N. Maginness, J. Dalton, L. Kennedy, A. Ludowyke
Oakleigh: W. Davey-Motlop, Q. McKay, K. Emery, L. Emmett, N. Yze, Z. Cochrane


3 – Zane Cochrane (Oakleigh Chargers)
2 – Harry Armstrong (Sandringham Dragons)
1 – Waylon Davey-Motlop (Oakleigh Chargers)

  • Team
  • Sandringham Dragons
  • Oakleigh Chargers


#2 Jack Dalton
Midfielder | 177cm | 05/04/2007

Stats: 20 disposals, 5 marks, 4 inside 50s

A consistent game from the bottom-ager, who made his first appearance of the season after missing the first block through injury. Quick to ground, he has a knack for fast, chaotic handballs, and his hard running between the arcs was vital to Sandringham’s transitions. His agility was notable, skating past opponents with no trouble. A strong return into this strong Sandringham side. 

#12 Harry Armstrong
Key Forward | 195cm | 14/06/2006

Stats: 8 disposals, 4 marks, 4 goals

The exciting tall forward kicked the game-winning goal after the siren to claim victory for the Dragons. Armstrong’s low chest marks on the lead were the standout, along with pressure up the ground which put the onus on the Chargers’ defence. He showed great ability to find small pockets of space within a tight forward 50, finishing with four goals.

#14 Ned Maginness
Midfielder | 194cm | 22/04/2005

Stats: 16 disposals, 4 tackles, 5 Inside 50s

Playing in the midfield, Maginness was used as a sweeper at stoppages. His ability to read when and how the ball was coming out was extinctive. Naturally, there were times when the oncoming pressure did affect his decision making, but he held up well otherwise. He showed he has the ability to play against any sized player, but it was his brute strength that really caught the eye, allowing him to brush off opponents who dared try contain him.

#38 Jhett Haeata
Midfielder | 185cm | 25/10/2006

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal

Haeata spent the majority of his time in the engine room for the Dragons. He has great pace and surprisingly good size given his athleticism. There were signs of magic, with his fast hands and ankle breaking agility causing trouble for opponents. Haeata’s kicking still needs some more time and work, though he got good penetration on an early shot from long-range. But it was his evasive skills that really popped, and he has the ability to glide past players with minimal effort.

#68 Archie Ludowyke
Key Forward | 195cm | 19/11/2007

Stats: 10 disposals, 5 marks, 3 goals

Continuing his strong goalkicking season, the bottom-ager finished the game with three majors. His ability to lead is absolutely breathtaking, charging towards the kicker and more often than not and nailing the mark. He uses his body well one-on-one and was able to use his free arm to mark even when being held by his jumper. He also has the ability to move further up the ground to create leading opportunities for teammates and displayed solid field kicking.


#11 Louis Emmett
Ruck | 198cm | 23/03/2007

Stats: 20 disposals, 20 hitouts, 1 goal

After missing out on representative honours this week, the bottom-ager pressed his case for next time. His hitouts fed the hard-working Chargers midfield, and his follow up work was elite. Emmett’s mobility allowed him to move freely against a bigger opponent, and while his kicking and contested marking ability still needs some work, the young running ruck showed plenty of promise.

#20 Zane Cochrane
Midfielder | 187cm | 11/07/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 3 marks, 8 tackles

Was involved in almost every stoppage in the game. His work rate in and around the contest was exceptional and his tackling was near perfect, hunting the ball and his opponent. His evasive skills were first-class, allowing the team to break towards forward 50 along with his long bursting kick. Cochrane showed he can take the pressure in high-stake moments and bring the team together.

#24 Kane Emery
Midfielder | 173cm | 11/01/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 3 marks, 5 tackles

Menacing when around the ball, Emery adds great defensive pressure and was electric going forward. He showcased clean hands at stoppages and allowed for some great overlapping runs towards goal. His vision and kicking were excellent, but his ability to execute under pressure was exceptional. Had great timing in his tackles, which allowed Oakleigh to gain some control in midfield.

#27 Waylon Davey-Motlop
Small Forward | 171cm | 26/09/2006

Stats: 12 disposals, 2 marks, 5 goals

Was in the action inside Oakleigh’s forward 50 at all times, dashing by or methodically crumbing at stoppages. He likes to kick with the outside of his right foot, booting three of his goals with the running snap method. His solid build works perfectly with his agility and pace, causing chaos close to goal and creating impressive defensive pressure. His evasiveness and pace also won him two free kick goals, one crucially in the fourth quarter to help swing momentum Oakleigh’s way.

#63 Quinn McKay
Key Forward | 197cm | 31/07/2006

Stats: 3 goals, 3 marks and 2 tackles

It was a relatively quiet game from the tall forward until nearly the 20th minute of the fourth quarter. McKay won a strongly contested mark inside the goalsquare to score his first major, then kicked a perfectly straight drop punt on the right-side boundary only a couple of minutes later to cut the margin to six points. Another two minutes later, he burst full of momentum out of the pack and held strong under intense pressure to kick truly and level the scores. Five minutes of brilliance, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for Oakleigh.

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