Welsh, Baron combine to reach cloud nine

SOUTHPORT have extended their winning streak to six in a row, defeating Wilston Grange by 67 points at Hickey Park on Saturday afternoon.

The Sharks’ ability to attack in transition through the corridor was dominant, and they were able to lift their energy levels when the Gorillas fatigued late in quarters.

Tall forwards Dekota Baron and Alannah Welsh were prominent with their power and strength inside 50, combining for nine goals in the win.

The result keeps the Sharks a game clear in second place, still sitting eight points behind first place Aspley in the run home to the QAFLW Finals.

Wilston Grange 3.2.20 def by. Southport 13.9.87


Proceedings got off to a slower, contested start, as neither side could truly establish dominance with possession.

Georja Davies sparked some movement out of the centre stoppages for the Sharks with her quick hands and was reliable defensively to hold off the Gorillas rebounding efforts in transition.

Dekota Baron productively worked herself into the contest with smart, calculated kicks inside forward 50, but the Sharks weren’t able to capitalise on the shift in momentum.

Intense offensive pressure through tackle efforts by Annie Wallace and Summer Hamilton helped to create stoppages in the Gorillas forward half, but it was the Sharks who eventually struck the first blow on the scoreboard.

Welsh kicked the first of her four goals for the day with one of her simpler conversions, outworking her opponent deep inside 50 for an uncontested mark.

Megan Hunt was able to open up the corridor, which was a tactical key difference for the Sharks who exposed the Gorillas lack of corridor pressure, ultimately leading to Baron’s first goal, capitalising through the quick ball movement in transition.

Even with the Sharks relentless pressure entering forward 50, Hayley Finning was superb with her clutch defensive efforts, always the last player to cover the goal line with an intercept mark.

Some late magic from Zimra Hussain and Mia Geere sparked some hope for the Gorillas, with both players kicking wonderful goals on the run from 30 metres out, back-to-back before the quarter-time siren, reducing the early 21-point deficit to nine.

Geere’s burst out of the stoppage and offensive pressure was critical to level out the contest work, and Hussain was able to remain crafty in her role, seizing the moments inside the forward half.


The Baron and Welsh show lifted to another level in the second quarter as the Sharks minimised the Gorillas’ impact in transition to keep them scoreless.

Baron’s unselfishness inside 50 was the staple of her game, and on multiple occasions her impact was found through her ability to lift her head, assess her options and give off a quick handball to a runner or better option.

The poise of Welsh in loose ball contests inside 50 seemed her bread and butter, calm with her approach at the footy, executing nearly the same play for two consecutive Sharks goals in a row, picking it up, running a few steps and snapping, each goal on an opposite side.

Grace O’Donnell was a key defensive pillar for the Gorillas, relieving pressure out of defensive 50, taking some a couple of contested marks throughout the game.

Geere was prominent in the Gorillas’ attempts to move the ball forward, but needed to put some more conviction into her kicking at times to hurt the Sharks defensive structure.

Opportunistic as one could be, Baron physically imposed herself in the forward contests, bursting through traffic in one instance, narrowly missing, and later in the quarter, utilising her strength to get separation on her opponent and take a relatively uncontested mark, matched with the goal.

The Sharks dominance and poise moving the ball inside 50 was critical, giving them a healthy 35-point main break lead.


Back into the action straight away, Hussain moved well on the outside, connecting well with her Geere in transition, a sharp connection that led to Geere piercing a kick inside 50 to the diving lead of Naomi Celebre, who converted the set shot for the first of the third quarter, an early speck of hope for the Gorillas.

Fatigue began to set in quite quickly for both sides, and it was the Sharks who made the most of some clear dominance in transition.

The Sharks were snappy with their ball movement going inside 50 and capitalised on some uncontested space to add a few more to the tally midway through the third quarter.

Scarlett Featherstone was opportunistic inside forward 50 for the Sharks, crumbing on the loose ball of a marking contest well inside 50 to gather a neat pick up and run into goal for her only goal of the game.

There were near opportunities for the Gorillas who always seemed one kick away from genuinely shifting the Sharks defensive lines.

The Gorillas were able to restrict the Sharks to two goals for the quarter, but still found themselves with a hole to dig themselves out of, down by 41 points heading into the final change.


It was another defensive lockdown for the Sharks, keeping the Gorillas scoreless in the final quarter, whilst piling on the scores themselves.

Consistency remained for Baron, who found herself quickly into the action inside 50, composed using the ball by hand to eventuate in another Welsh goal.

Stephanie O’Brien was one of the Sharks workhorses’ for the day, and her efforts continued to elevate.

O’Brien’s class and speed with ball in hand generated multiple inside 50 entries, and she was rewarded midway through the fourth quarter with a tough mark on 50, quickly lowering her eyes to find Tayla Gregory, who converted the set shot.

The finishing touches were put on by no other than Baron, who took a strong pack mark deep inside 50, going back and converting her fifth for the day, in the process giving some friendly banter to fellow Queenslander draft prospect, Hussain.


In the closest match of the round, a surprise upset occurred at the hands of Maroochydore, who overcame an 18-point halftime deficit, to comeback and keep Coorparoo goalless in the second half, winners by six points.

Abbey Rankin led the way for the Roos with 12 disposals, eight contested, strong with her stoppage work around the ground.

Lataya De Pauw was impactful per possession, finishing the day with two goals from nine touches, applying pressure with four tackles to her name.

For the Kings, Lucy Schneider finished with 19 disposals in the middle, also with a goal to her tally.

Grace Roberts-White was a prominent figure around the ground, impacting with her pressure acts and clearance work.

Aspley battled hard against the University of Queensland, level at half time, before firing away in the second half to win by two goals.

Jessica Davy made her impact known with 26 disposals, seven clearances and four tackles to finish, along with Jasmine Kawa who was impactful at the stoppages with eight clearances and 21 disposals.

The Red Lions were led by Jane Childes commitment to the contest, finishing with 22 disposals, six clearances, and a team-high seven tackles.

Bond University was too dominant for Yeronga South Brisbane, winners by 95 points.

Leading the pack was Ella Calleja who had a field day with 29 disposals, 10 marks, and three goals.

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