Balanced Midfielder


Lucy Schneider

height: 164cm


D.O.B: 27-11-1994

Leagues: Vflw

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Lucy Schneider has proven herself to be a reliable midfielder for the Western Bulldogs’ VFLW program. With a big 2022 season since crossing from the Darebin Falcons, Schneider has earned her AFLW Draft Combine invite. Possessing good strength, a consistency to win the ball and work up and down the ground, the midfielder is someone who can step straight up to the top level, more readymade than most.

Picture credit: Eleanor Jeanne Photography

Lucy Schneider is a former Darebin VFLW midfielder who switched surroundings in 2022 to head over to Whitten Oval and take up a spot with the Western Bulldogs' VFLW program. Though the Bulldogs' season ended up a winless disaster, the winger was able to show enough signs during the tough times to earn an AFLW Draft Combine invite. She was consistently amongst her side's best week-in, week-out, and was able to rack up the ball with ease, working up and down the ground. Her high-level endurance and work rate, combined with a few other nice traits made her a valuable addition to the red, white and blue.

Schneider was the oldest player to earn an AFLW Draft Combine invite, with the midfielder turning 28 at the end of the AFLW season. It shows that her work this season was enough to overlook the decade's difference between her at the freshest draft crop, and have at least one club keen on bringing in a readymade talent. Schneider is strong, and can work around the stoppages as well as on a wing, with her work rate seeing her jet from contest to contest. When not under pressure, she is able to hit targets well on transition, and she does have a penetrating kick that can travel long distances.

Quite often, Schneider is someone who will look to swing onto her right boot to clear the congestion, and this can lead to turning the ball over, so decision making is an area of improvement. Similarly, just been more consistent with her cleanliness at ground level and when going for a mark, as she produced some pretty impressive marking numbers, but could be even higher with consistent one-grab takes. Overall her accumulation and ability to play inside or outside will attract clubs to her, and she is clearly one who can step straight into a team Round 1.


Lucy Schneider was the oldest player to earn and AFL Draft Combine invite, with the 27-year-old to turn 28 in November this year.

Kicking penetration
Work rate
Clean hands
Decision making


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2022Western Bulldogs VFLW184109293460024033283801413.17.820.
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