Scouting Notes: 2024 Coates Talent League – Round 14

A FULL allotment of six Coates Talent League fixtures were slated for Round 14, only for one to be postponed due to flight cancellations. Nonetheless, representative and school football stars were scattered across the competition, and feature in the latest edition of Scouting Notes.

Note: Saturday’s Gippsland Power vs. Tasmania Devils fixture has been postponed.

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  • Team
  • Northern Knights
  • Sandringham Dragons

Northern Knights 7.13 (55) def. by Sandringham Dragons 11.16 (82)

By: Michael Alvaro


#8 Aaron Doyle
Defender | 181cm | 30/03/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 9 marks, 3 rebound 50s

While others racked up easy possessions down back, Doyle marshalled the besieged Knights defence and was able to win his own ball. He got going with a strong one-on-one intercept mark and ran out the game strongly in that sense. Doyle played a high line and was consistently in the way of Sandringham’s attacks, snapping the ball up with little fuss before distributing quickly.

#11 Lucas McInerney
Wing | 180cm | 28/02/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 5 marks, 5 rebound 50s

McInerney had a performance typical of his style, sweeping back from the wing and posting strong numbers. He worked into useful spots to receive the ball and got it moving quickly by identifying targets and hitting them by foot. His execution in that regard was sound, and while there were moments or rebound or overlap run, McInerney often stopped to assess his options rather than drive his legs forward or dishing off a handball – halting his side’s momentum.

#23 Gabriel Stumpf
Key Forward | 196cm | 23/11/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 7 marks, 9 hitouts, 1 goal

Encouraged to play high up the ground, Stumpf could be seen providing an option all the way up at half-back and was difficult to contain on the lead. His speed off the mark saw him get separation on his direct opponent, making for easy access to the ball. The Knights would have wanted two of him to latch onto the next kick down the line. Stumpf’s movement in open play turned a few Dragons inside-out and he nabbed an opportunistic forward 50 stoppage goal in term two. In terms of improvements, he missed a couple of angled set shots and ran under the high ball at times.

#34 Jordyn Gillard
Midfielder/Forward | 179cm | 02/12/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 6 marks, 9 tackles, 1 goal

After a steady start, Gillard got going with a productive second quarter. His clean hands were a feature both inside 50 and through the midfield, translating to strong overhead marks and nifty work on the inside. The left-footer was prominent through the corridor during transitional play and got on the scoreboard in term two after reeling in a big grab close to goal.


#12 Harry Armstrong
Key Forward | 195cm | 14/06/2006

Stats: 12 disposals, 5 marks, 4 goals

Armstrong looked on track for a massive game in front of goal as he booted three majors in the first half. The strong-marking key forward and rising draft prospect showcased terrific forward craft, constantly looking for the space inside 50 and presenting well at the kicker. His reactions were sound on quick entries off turnover, and he thrived when allowed a clean leap at the ball. As usual, Armstrong’s set shot conversion was polished and the left-footer’s field kicking matched. His marking influence waned in the second half but that didn’t stop him from competing in the air.

#18 Joshua Dolan
Forward | 177cm | 11/11/2006

Stats: 26 disposals, 5 marks, 6 inside 50s, 1 goal

Dolan has played his best footy for Sandringham in his last two outings, and this time did it in his usual half-forward role despite a host of midfield stars missing. The hard-working small was creative with ball in hand, turning on a dime to face the goals and hit up leading targets with darting short kicks. He ran his opponent ragged up the ground and even snuck out the back for a goal in the final quarter, having produced a first half full of energy and score involvements.

#24 Brodie Findlay
Ruck | 199cm | 20/05/2005

Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 14 hitouts

Findlay was again imperious in the ruck on Saturday, proving near impossible to manoeuvre or tackle. While opposition talls were perhaps more athletic, the over-ager showed good craft and timing to lead the hitout count. He also used his size to advantage in contested marking situations and while his ball use can be improved, his work around the ground has seen development this year.

#38 Jhett Haeata
Midfielder/Forward | 185cm | 25/10/2006

Stats: 21 disposals, 5 marks, 6 inside 50s, 3 goals

Haeata provided plenty of dash and dare for Sandringham, while also working into handy leading lanes up forward. The top-ager took the game on with some eye-catching running forays up the corridor, and while his end product could have been better, he still managed to snare three goals. His strong hands came in handy when rotating forward, leading to several set shot chances.

  • Team
  • Dandenong Stingrays
  • Murray Bushrangers

Dandenong Stingrays 13.12 (90) def. Murray Bushrangers 8.11 (59)

By: Peter Williams


#8 Noah Hibbins-Hargreaves
Wing/Forward | 185cm | 16/11/2007

Stats: 21 disposals, 7 marks, 5 tackles, 4 goals

The lively talent has become familiar with clutch goals, and he yet again came up trumps when it counted. Challenged by Murray to close the deficit to seven points Hibbins-Hargreaves put the game to bed with back-to-back majors, then a third in the final term via a mark at the top of the goalsquare, to make it four for the match. He showed that touch of class around the ground and executed well by foot, spotting up targets effectively. The best of the Stingrays in the win.

#10 Ben Hopkins
Midfielder | 190cm | 28/07/2005

Stats: 26 disposals, 7 marks, 8 tackles, 5 inside 50s

Right up there with Hibbins-Hargreaves in terms of impact, Hopkins started on-ball before rolling to half-back. He created plenty of burst and looked for one-two opportunities down the ground, being deceptively strong to stand up in tackles and get his hands free. More often than not he was able to pinpoint passes around the ground, and was best on for the Stingrays across the first three quarters. Vision and execution – as well as his aerial interception – were all ticks on the day.

#32 Archie Leclerc
Forward | 190cm | 05/11/2007

Stats: 12 disposals, 4 marks, 4 goals

Coming in for his debut, the bottom-ager certainly showed his side how it was done in the first term. With teammates missing left, right and centre, Leclerc booted three goals, including two from long-range and another dribble attempt in the dying seconds. He would kick one more later in the third term after another mark and set shot from close range, but set up a couple of goals as well. Though just playing the deep forward role essentially, he provided a target inside 50 and was as accurate as they come with his shots, never looking like missing with one just falling short on the goal line and being rushed across.

#37 Charlie Orchard
Defender | 190cm | 17/06/2006

Stats: 18 disposals, 5 marks, 3 rebound 50s

Had his moments coming out of defence and had a handy game all up. He was competitive one-on-one, generally used the ball well and looked for one-two opportunities when possible. Often he would hit those short 45-degree passes to open up the game, but did switch play on occasions too. Played his rebounding role to a t.

#49 Toby Sinnema
Defender | 179cm | 11/12/2007

Stats: 23 disposals, 6 marks, 3 rebound 50s, 1 goal

Another Stingrays defender who had an impact further afield, Sinnema ran hard from the back 50 and got involved in transition, finding plenty of the ball throughout the course of the game. He did have a brain fade early in the third term when after taking a mark he played on and then tried to step around his opponent only to get caught, and then handballed it away giving up 50m and a goal too. Aside from that moment, Sinnema was really good and he kicked his own goal via a classy finish from 45m in the second term. For his height was good above his head and looked to create run.


#18 Cohen Paul
Midfielder/Wing | 193cm | 07/06/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 3 marks, 5 inside 50s, 1 goal

Had a crack across four quarters starting on-ball and mixing between inside and outside roles. His ground coverage was what stood out, and he was often first to the ball trying to break away. Though sometimes immediately set upon, he showed good strength as a bigger body and was okay in moving through traffic. He occasionally turned it over, but got on the end of one snapping a classy goal off the left two minutes into the third term.

#37 Liam Hetherton
Key Forward | 195cm | 02/05/2007

Stats: 9 disposals, 3 marks, 2 goals, 4 behinds

The bottom-age Giants Academy product could not buy a goal early, kicking four consecutive behinds, before kicking two in essentially a minute either side of the final break. In the last second as the siren sounded, Hetherton clunked a mark at the top of the goalsquare and converted, then a minute into the final term, had an eye-catching play with a snap around his body that bounced home. Though his radar earlier in the match was off target, his body work to get opportunities – as well as his ability to apply pressure and win a free kick for a run-down tackle, meant he was able to impact in different ways.

#50 Zac Harding
Ruck | 199cm | 01/01/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 5 marks, 5 inside 50s, 26 hitouts, 2 goals

It was an enormous performance from Harding who was a clear best on ground despite the loss and had the distinct ruck craft advantage over his opposition. He was too strong and tall, often getting first hands to it, but he also showed great smarts to get forward – kicking a couple of goals – and then back deep in defence to take marks in the hole. A deceptively booming kick even when it looks like he barely kicks it, Harding was outstanding an earned our Coates Talent League Boys Player of the Week for his performance.

  • Team
  • Oakleigh Chargers
  • Eastern Ranges

Oakleigh Chargers 14.10 (94) def. Eastern Ranges 9.7 (61)

By: Michael Alvaro


#11 Louis Emmett
Ruck/Key Forward | 198cm | 23/03/2007

Stats: 17 disposals, 3 marks, 7 hitouts, 4 goals

Fresh off his Vic Metro Under 18s debut, Emmett bagged a game-high and season-best haul of four goals. With the primary ruck duties shifted to Boston Dowling, he was freed up to spend more time up forward and took toll with a quartet of well converted set shots – including three in the second half. Emmett’s athleticism was on show in both roles as he covered good ground and utilised his leap, while also holding his own in the contest and drawing free kicks.

#15 Noah Yze
Defender/Midfielder | 190cm | 12/04/2006

Stats: 23 disposals, 4 tackles, 6 inside 50s

A prospect of intrigue to Melbourne fans as a father-son this year, Yze produced arguably his best game to date. The versatile 190cm prospect started in defence and was then thrown into midfield as a good size matchup for the likes of Josh Smillie and Oliver Greeves. His strength was evident when tackling, while also absorbing contact well and looking quite comfortable in the clinches. Overall, he performed solidly in both roles and held his own against handy opposition.

#20 Zane Cochrane
Midfielder | 187cm | 11/07/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 6 marks, 5 inside 50s, 1 goal

Cochrane continued his rich vein of form with another prolific midfield outing. He often took the Smillie matchup at stoppages and was strong in the contest, holding his ground and burrowing in hard. Cochrane also got stuck in defensively and looked to use his long kicking to advantage, but could have powered through stoppages more often rather than stepping back to assess his options, or accepting a secondary ball-up. Still, a great showing as Oakleigh’s main man on the inside.

#21 Blake Leidler
Defender | 181cm | 20/03/2006

Stats: 16 disposals, 10 marks, 3 inside 50s

One of the more attacking defenders afield on Saturday, Leidler operated off a high line and lived dangerously in the first half. After a costly turnover and being caught out in transition, Leidler took up much more secure positions behind the ball and ran out the game strongly with a series of intercept marks. While still playing on instinct, he eventually got the balance right.


#8 Lachy Dovaston
Defender/Midfielder | 176cm | 29/05/2007

Stats: 22 disposals, 5 tackles, 4 rebound 50s

Dovaston reverted back to his usual role rotating between defence and midfield, and produced his best disposal haul since Round 7. The bottom-ager provided transitional run and drive out of defence, while also proving clean at ground level and agile in tight spots. While usually clever and skilful, some of Dovaston’s kick execution on the run led to turnovers on the outside.

#16 Oliver Greeves
Midfielder | 191cm | 07/02/2007

Stats: 21 disposals, 6 marks, 4 inside 50s, 1 goal

Somewhat of the apprentice to Smillie, Greeves produced the same kind of connectivity and surge running in midfield. He racked up possessions between the arcs and was generally clean by hand, sharing the ball and maintaining his movement. For a taller midfielder, he has good agility and composure, as shown when he snared a stoppage goal in term three. Greeves also rotated forward and could have had two majors in the final quarter, but put both set shots wide.

#26 Josh Smillie
Midfielder | 194cm | 17/05/2006

Stats: 26 disposals, 3 marks, 1 goal

Making his first Coates Talent League appearance in over a month, Smillie got stuck straight into his work with the game’s first centre clearance. He read the taps well and was incredibly clean at stoppages, shifting from inside to the outer untouched. The top pick contender waxed well with teammates and ran hard in attacking phases; seeing him get on the end of a transition he started to kick a goal in term one, and assisting another in the second. After a strong opening half, Smillie was less impactful thereafter as Oakleigh began to run over the top.

  • Team
  • Bendigo Pioneers
  • GWV Rebels

Bendigo Pioneers 5.9 (39) def. by GWV Rebels 10.9 (69)

By: Peter Williams


#2 Archer Day-Wicks
Forward/Midfielder | 186cm | 13/05/2006

Stats: 24 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 3 goals

The talented utility had a day out, starting forward then rolling into the middle of the ground and finding the ball across the field. He kicked his first of three goals in the 18th minute of the second term with a brilliant 50m strike off his trusty left, then made it two with a nice mark on the lead and bending set shot snap. He put his side back in front two minutes into the final term with another clever snap, receiving it by hand from a forward stoppage, and while some defensive elements of his game could improve, he was absolutely outstanding in his offensive elements.

#4 Tom Evans
Midfielder/Forward | 181cm | 22/02/2006

Stats: 25 disposals, 3 inside 50s, 3 rebound 50s, 1 goal

Donning the fluro yellow boots, it was hard to miss Evans who looked lively in attack and was able to accumulate the ball working all around the forward half of the ground. He got on the end of a goal after showing great forward craft to rove it off the deck and snap around his body. He missed a few shots too, but looked dangerous and moved well.

#44 Zaydyn Lockwood
Ruck/Forward | 198cm | 25/01/2006

Stats: 9 disposals, 14 tackles, 10 hitouts

Had a tough battle against Penry but competed hard and then rotated forward as well. A raw talent with natural athletic attributes, Lockwood’s stats with ball-in-hand might not leap off the page, but his ground level work from a defensive standpoint was terrific. Lockwood laid a game-high 14 tackles – double the next highest player – and was not afraid to get his hands dirty, though also moved well in transition. He tended to do the smaller player tasks the best.


#12 Archie Caldow
Utility | 189cm | 13/04/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 11 marks, 7 tackles, 6 hitouts

A strong all-round game from the tall who played an important role through midfield, but played one of those matches where he bobbed up all over the field and filled holes. Clunking 11 marks despite predominantly being inside was outstanding, and showed he was capable of finding space on the outside too. He laid a team-high seven tackles, even took some ruck stoppages, and won the ball in the front half of the ground to have a set shot that unfortunately missed. He did tend to bomb the ball on the boot under pressure, but was effective with time and space.

#15 Sam Niklaus
Midfielder | 183cm | 05/03/2007

Stats: 29 disposals, 8 marks, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s

Producing a hard-running effort across the ground, Niklaus accumulated the ball well and was able to find plenty of it between the arcs. His running capacity was a standout, but he showed on multiple occasions he was able to get his hands free even when tackled, and more often than not was able to evade would-be tackles. If he lost the ball, his follow-up work was strong, and one instant that caught the eye was when he cleanly took a ball at ground level, spun out of congestion and handballed over his head to a teammate showing great peripheral vision.

#19 Mitchell Lloyd
Tall Defender | 192cm | 15/03/2006

Stats: 28 disposals, 12 marks, 6 rebound 50s

The rock in defence, Lloyd was a massive headache for the Pioneers, often deep in the back 50 and intercepting any high ball that came his way. He did take some kickouts as well, but he largely was utilised in the intercepting or mopping up role, and saved the day with his work. Generally composed by hand, he spotted up options well and put his hand back up for Vic Country selection. He had a timely spoil late in the first term and not only locked the ball up when necessary, but provided some drive by both hand and foot. One of the best on the ground.

#23 Flynn Penry
Ruck | 201cm | 20/04/2006

Stats: 23 disposals, 4 marks, 34 hitouts

A really impressive game from the towering ruck who made light work of his competition with not only his height, but his nous and work rate around the ground. Penry produced a huge four-quarter effort and was best-on from the winners. While not an elite athlete, Penry is still mobile around the ground and finds the ball like a midfielder. He knows when to spread to space and work forward, or duck back into defence to fill the hole. Not afraid to go up for contested marks, Penry often crashed packs, and when at the ruck stoppage, got quick handballs away. His bodywork at ball ups around the ground meant he almost exclusively won the hitouts with 34 to his two main rivals combined 20.

#44 Charlie McKinnon
Forward | 189cm | 25/06/2007

Stats: 12 disposals, 9 marks, 2 goals, 4 behinds

Aside from inaccuracy, McKinnon had a game to remember. His leading patterns inside 50 and ability to read the ball in flight coming inside 50 was very good, and he marked both under pressure in contested situations, and getting separation on his opponent via a lead. A little undersized to be a key forward, McKinnon has some incredibly safe hands, and could be a real threat up forward for the Rebels, particularly when Jonty Faull returns and cops the attention.

  • Team
  • Geelong Falcons
  • Western Jets

Geelong Falcons 4.12 (36) def. by Western Jets 12.12 (84)

By: Adrian Dixon


#7 Noah Tullio
Midfielder/Forward | 169cm | 23/03/2006

Stats: 19 disposals, 6 tackles, 3 inside 50s

Despite going through the game goalless, Tullio started off the game well where he managed to show his football smarts by centring the ball inside 50 to Edan Ibbetson, who failed to convert the opportunity. Tullio covered the ground exceptionally well and even provided defensive cover at times, highlighted by his six tackles for the game. Tullio showed a great contested marking ability despite being undersized and produced great second efforts, especially against bigger bodies. His skills at ground level were exceptional and he was smart with the ball by foot going forward.

#27 Liam Kershaw
Wing/Defender | 194cm | 17/10/2005

Stats: 24 disposals, 10 marks, 3 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s

Kershaw tried hard all day for the Falcons, especially down back where he continually provided a link to distribute the ball out of defence. He even pushed up the ground on the wing, marking the ball solidly and providing an option to send his side into attack. Kershaw made good choices with his delivery by foot, while his defensive pressure and defending in general were constant throughout the day to compliment sound transitional running.

#58 Hugo Mikunda
Midfielder | 179cm | 13/03/2007

Stats: 23 disposals, 5 marks, 5 clearances, 6 inside 50s

The bottom-aged prospect was a prominent performer for the Falcons all day, highlighted by his competitiveness at the contest with a strong physical presence along with his follow-up work and tackling. Mikunda dropped back when required to provide defensive cover and showed his athleticism when flying for a mark late in the first quarter. Mikunda also displayed a great ability to read at the stoppages, however areas of improvement include his kicking power, especially when it comes to set shot conversion, and his decision making.


#25 Oskar Ainsworth
Forward | 185cm | 26/04/2007

Stats: 11 disposals, 6 marks, 4 goals

After a slow start to the game, Ainsworth became more prominent in the second quarter where he kicked his first goal from a set shot after a great overhead mark. He then kicked his second later on, showing great reflexes to snap a goal following an attempted rushed behind. Ainsworth’s IQ was elite in regards to how he positioned himself in contests, while also making smart decisions. Finishing with a season-high four goals for the game, it easily could have been more.

#28 Xavier Kardachi
Midfielder | 186cm | 15/06/2006

Stats: 31 disposals, 4 clearances, 6 inside 50s, 4 rebound 50s

Kardachi was prominent all day in the Jets’ midfield, covering the ground exceptionally well. His clean and efficient disposal was notable, especially his ball use going inside 50, along with more assertive moments at the contest – highlighted by a strong fend-off early on. Kardachi’s tackle pressure, his second efforts and follow-up work were key driving forces in the Jets’ convincing win.

#33 Keighton Matofai-Forbes
Forward | 188cm | 02/02/2006

Stats: 14 disposals, 8 marks, 3 goals

The Jets captain returned to the side and clearly made a difference with his presence and leadership up forward, resulting in a call up for Vic Metro on Sunday. He set the tone for the Jets, taking a strong juggling mark and kicking the first goal of the game from a set shot. His trademark work rate, leading up the ground, and tackle pressure were on show, highlighted by winning a holding the ball free kick, then delivering it dangerously into the forward line for Daniel Snell to rove a great goal. He didn’t take his chances with his set shots on a windy day, however when he did convert, he showed great IQ by judging his kicks well with the breeze.

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