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Fans Forum: Who was unlucky to miss out on All Australian selection?

EARLIER this week the initial 42 player AFLW All Australian squad was revealed, which certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst the AFLW fan community. Plenty of fans raised some names of who they thought deserved a spot in that squad that perhaps did not always wrack up the numbers in the stats but were still […]

Will 2024 be the first AFLW Super Draft?

COULD 2024 be the first ever AFL Women’s Super Draft? It is question that will no doubt be discussed amongst clubs and pertinent draft watchers alike, and at this stage, all the signs are pointing to ‘yes’. But what exactly makes a Super Draft? What does it mean, and what can we expect? WHAT IS […]

The Great Dividers: Draft prospects splitting recruiters

THERE is no one right way, answer, or opinion when it comes to AFL recruiting. That only becomes more evident as each draft approaches and those in the know begin to compare notes – or, contrast them. Although most recruiters can agree on a group of around 15 prospects who look set to feature in […]

Gun Tassie mids pose draft query

THE ENTRANCE of a Tasmanian team to the AFL by 2027 is set to impact the draft and recruiting space to no end in the coming years, perhaps even as soon as this year. Adding an extra layer of intrigue is the emergence of strong native prospects, who can potentially now represent their state at […]

Did a move to August work for the AFLW?

THE 2022 calendar year saw a massive change for the AFL Women’s competition, with the competition moved to an August start date for the first time in the competition’s history. It had seemed that the AFL had somewhat listened to the players and supporters and taken the competition out of the blistering summer heat. But […]

Top 10 games to watch this AFLW season

WHEN someone is asked “what are the games to look forward to this season?” naturally there is some bias associated with that question. But never fear! We are here to give you a neutral’s guide to a smorgasbord of 10 games that you simply cannot miss this AFLW season. There is no particular order to […]

South Australia’s reaps rewards of long-term development focus

IN the space of four years, South Australia went from battlers to a juggernaut in the female footballing pathway. It is almost incredible to think that in the 2018 AFLW Under 18 Championships, the Croweaters had to combine with Northern Territory to form the Central Allies, and even then, were smashed by the Eastern Allies […]

The race to be number one: Who leads the charge in 2022?

IT is the great debate every year in AFL Draft circles. Just last year, the fiercely close race between Jason Horne-Francis and Nick Daicos divided many recruiters, fans and club folk alike, so how is the race to be crowned number one shaping up in 2022? >> The race to be number one: 2021 edition […]

AFLW REWIND | 2017 Trade Period

IT is amazing to think that more than five years ago the first AFL Women’s season came to a conclusion and the first official off-season commenced. In that off-season, a total of five trades were completed, with some of the biggest names then – and to this day – making moves across the country. We […]

How far can the Eagles soar in AFLW S7?

IT IS fair to say that the 2022 AFL Women’s season did not go to plan for the West Coast Eagles. The struggling side only managed the one win from 10 games, and while they were not predicted to push for finals, no doubt would have loved to have been competitive in more games. So […]

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