Matt Balmer’s scouting notes

Vic Country narrowly defeated Queensland in the first match on Sunday.

Vic Country:
#3 Lockey McCartney– I thought McCartney was one of the better players for Vic Country. The inside midfielder was important collecting five clearances on the inside and was really impressed with his work at the stoppages. He also laid 12 tackles and was hunting the ball all day giving a really strong effort right until the end of the match.
#4 Reece Piper– Piper spent most the game in the back pocket, his run and carry was good from defence especially in the first quarter which pleased the Vic Country coaches.
#10 Mitch Diamond– He had a really good second half playing as a high half forward kicking two goals in the third quarter.
#14 Aaron Darling– Darling collected all his disposals in the second half, playing most as an inside midfielder. The bottom ager showed some good signs throughout the second half with four clearances.
#15 Sam Fowler– Fowler spent most the day playing in the forward pocket and provided some really good bursts around goal. He has some really good speed and managed for kick three first half goals.
#17 Thomas Glen– The over ager played a solid game collecting 19 disposals, I was however expecting more from him. He missed a really easy shot in front of goal from 35m out and never looked comfortable. His kicking does need some work but he led his team well throughout the day.
#18 Mitchell McCarthy– McCarthy has a really long boot on him and I liked his game on Sunday. He has a good leap on him and his ruck work was really good in the centre of the ground when relieving Darcy.
#20 Jack Blood– A quiet game from Blood playing on the outside off a flank. He laid five tackles which was really good, but the left footer struggled to get the ball in hand.
#25 Oscar Clavarino– First time I had seen the bottom ager play live. The agile 194cm tall spent time at both ends and had two score assists. He’ll be an important figure for his school football team and I’ll be intrigued to see how he goes throughout the season.
#27 Mitchell Chafer– The bottom ager spent most the day playing off the half forward flank. He had a really good first quarter taking three marks, but was quiet after that.
#28 Pat Dowling– Dowling really put his head over the ball on multiple occasions and I thought he had a solid game ending with 13 disposals.
#30 Liam McKay– McKay had a really good game with 22 disposals. At 191cm, he lined up all over the place throughout the day and continued to find the footy. He provided good run and carry from the defence moving the ball well going forward. One to watch…
#31 Brett Blair– The TAC Cup leading goal kicker played a ‘patchy’ game. When the ball got inside 50 he looked dangerous, but I was really expecting a three or four goal game from him where he kicked 2.2. For an over ager at 189cm for a tall leading forward, he really needs to take his chances.
#35 Jack Heathcote– A disappointing day for Heathcote, only collecting two disposals.
#36 Travis Young– Young unfortunately went off injured with a dislocated shoulder in the third quarter.
#38 James Worpel– Inside midfielder Worpel played a really good game, he is a bottom ager but I’m hoping he does enough to be picked throughout the Under 18 Championships.
#39 Hunter Clark– Clark was another casualty on the day, hurting his ankle about five minutes into the game. He ended the game on crutches.
#40 Jack Henry– Henry played well I thought, he has a really good mark overhead and moves well for a 191cm utility. He kicked 1.2 for the day.
#41 Ryan Gains– Gains played as a third tall in defence and didn’t record a possession for the day.
#42 Tom Jok– Jok was very close to being drafted in 2015, but I could see from his performance on Sunday why. At times he showed plenty of promise running off half back/wing, but then he’d look lazy and didn’t defend well. He didn’t man up his opponent inside 50 in the first quarter, resulting in an easy pass giving him opponent a shot on goal. His seven tackles and five marks was promising, but as a top-ager I’m hoping for more throughout the Under 18 Championships.
#43 Benjamin McNamara– A quiet day for the Falcon. He laid two really strong crunching tackles.
#46 Mason De Wit– De Wit played off half back and was good with 19 disposals.
#48 Zachary Zdybel– I didn’t think the tall impacted the game too much, but he has a good reach and leap on him which helps when he goes to mark the ball.
#49 Bailey Morrish– Spent most the game in defence, his kicking was very good setting the play up for Vic Country.
#50 Sean Darcy– Was the first time I’d seen the big 201cm, 113kg ruckman. Darcy had a really good battle with Queensland’s Nate Dennis, he positions himself well at boundary throw ins. One thing I noticed was he always tapped the ball in front of him and usually to the same position which Queensland began to work out in the second half.


 #7 Curtis Marsden– The wingman had a really nice game for Queensland. His run was really good and he was one of their better players willing them to win the game.

#18 Jack Clayton– The bottom ager played a solid game in defence, he was tasked with the kick-ins on multiple occasions and was good. He had a good Under 16 Championships last year and is in the level one academy.

#20 Elliott Himmelberg– The brother of GWS’ Harrison played at Centre Half Back and was really good. He took six marks and will be someone to watch throughout the Division Two championships.

#30 Nate Dennis– Dennis had a really good battle with Sean Darcy. His leap and jump is his strength and will ruck for Queensland throughout year and possibly the Allies.

#31 Connor Ballenden– The bottom ager was the Queensland MVP in the Under 16 Championships last year, he was their best player for the day. He took nine marks and kicked 2.2. He moves very well and got up the ground on multiple occasions with a strong lead and mark. The Brisbane Lions academy prospect is one to keep and eye on throughout the season.


Date Time League Season
April 10, 2016 10:30 am Trial Matches 2016


Vic Country37466271101171


# Player Position K HB D M CP UP T HO CLR I50 R50 GL
50Sean Darcy-000000000000
48Zachary Zdybel-000000000000
46Mason de Wit-000000000000
43Benjamin McNamara-000000000000
41Ryan Gains-000000000000
41Brett Blair-000000000000
38James Worpel-000000000000
37Jack Henry-000000000000
36Travis Young-000000000000
35Jack Heathcote-000000000000
30Liam McKay-000000000000
28Pat Dowling-000000000000
25Oscar Clavarino-000000000000
20Jack Blood-000000000000
18Mitchell McCarthy-000000000000
15Sam Fowler-000000000000
14Aaron Darling-000000000000
13Tom Jok-000000000000
12Bailey Morrish-000000000000
11Thomas Glen-000000000000
11Mitchell Chafer-000000000000
10Mitch Diamond-000000000000
4Reece Piper-000000000000
3Lockey McCartney-000000000000
2Hunter Clark-000000000000
 Total 000000000000

Vic Country

# Player Position K HB D M CP UP T HO CLR I50 R50 GL
3Lockey McCartney-410143001200000
4Reece Piper-9211300000000
10Mitch Diamond-5712200300002
14Aaron Darling-8614000300000
15Sam Fowler-11617100300003
17Thomas Glen-91019300500000
18Mitchell McCarthy-74113002180001
20Jack Blood-6511200500000
25Oscar Clavarino-6410300100000
27Mitchell Chafer-7411400500000
28Pat Dowling-4913200100000
30Liam McKay-121022100400000
31Brett Blair-7310300200002
35Jack Heathcote-112000000000
36Travis Young-516200110000
38James Worpel-9817100400000
39Hunter Clark-000000110000
40Jack Henry-7310700400001
41Ryan Gains-000000300000
42Tom Jok-11516500700001
43Benjamin McNamara-268100200000
46Mason de Wit-71219400200000
48Zachary Zdybel-8513400420000
49Bailey Morrish-11112600000000
50Sean Darcy-4481006230000
39Brayden Crossley-000000000000
37Declan Watson-000000000000
34Jackson Collins-000000000000
33Harris Newton-000000000000
32Jack Payne-000000000000
38Connor Ballenden-000000000000
30Nate Dennis-000000000000
29Reid Gordon-000000000000
27Luke O’Sullivan-000000000000
26Luca Mason-000000000000
25Harry Simington-000000000000
24Max Spencer-000000000000
22Campbell Walker-000000000000
20Elliot Himmelberg-000000000000
19Josh Williams-000000000000
18Jack Clayton-000000000000
14Sam Copland-000000000000
13Brodie Foster-000000000000
12Will Fletcher-000000000000
10Daniel Charlesworth-000000000000
9Ryan Dadds-000000000000
7Curtis Marsden-000000000000
5Kai Sheers-000000000000
4Jacob Dawson-000000000000
2Nick Kempe-000000000000
 Total 1601262866100804500010


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