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Alastair Lord

height: 180cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 26-11-2003

Leagues: SANFL Under 18s

The eye-catching Lord is one who could bolt up draft boards from with his late-season performances. After missing the majority of his season due to injury, Lord managed to play a final-round SANFL Under 18s game and then one for the Croweaters. His skill and speed were on full display, and he is one who has plenty of upside, with building strength and developing an inside game the next steps.

At Under 18s level, the 180cm Lord averaged 22.4 disposals, 5.4 marks and 2.2 tackles across five games. As a player who can run-and-carry and use the ball well, Lord is one that will come into consideration despite limited showings outside school football. He weighs in at 76kg and is yet to test himself against senior opponents, but what he does with ball-in-hand would have some clubs no doubt considering him. A late-year birth - yet to turn 18 until after the day after the AFL National Draft, Lord could be having one of the best 18th birthdays should he be selected.


+ Speed
+ Skill
+ Footy smarts
+ Accumulation
+ Hurt factor


- Contested work
- Strength
- Defensive attributes


Image Credit: SANFL

SANFL Under 18s

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