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Amber Schutte

height: 171cm


D.O.B: 13-12-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Gippsland Power speedster Amber Schutte can often fly under the radar in terms of her weapons, but through the AFLW Under 18 Championships, she stepped up to enjoy a strong carnival. The defender showed off her reliable kicking and intercept ability, as well as her across the board athleticism. Though she still has areas to build on, Schutte looms as the Power’s top prospect for 2023.


+ Speed
+ Athleticism
+ Defensive pressure
+ Strength
+ Aerial ability
+ Kicking penetration


- Opposite foot
- Kicking under pressure


Schutte's most draftable qualities lie in her athleticism. It was no surprise that she blitzed the AFLW Draft Combine, scoring a 90 on the Physical Performance Rating, the third highest of any player across the nation. Though often a rebounding defender who is accountable to her direct opponent, Schutte does have the potential to become more offensive in time.

Throughout the year, Schutte has maintained a strong presence in the Gippsland defence, and while there have been some ups and downs, overall her production has remained steady. In 2023, Schutte averaged 17.1 disposals, 2.7 marks, 3.6 rebound 50s and 3.2 tackles, settling into a more defensive role after seven games in her debut bottom-age season.

Statistically her best game came in Round 3 against GWV Rebels where she had 22 disposals, clunked seven marks and recorded seven rebound 50s. A rock on that day, and while she has largely been a 15-20 disposal player, there is the potential to further improve.

Outside her obvious athleticism and speed, Schutte is quite good one-on-one, particularly using her strength and aerial ability to advantage. A competitive player who is not afraid to get her hands dirty at ground level, Schutte is quite often the player who can repel plays out of the defensive 50 with a booming kick.

That penetrative kick off her trusty right boot helps clear the danger zone, and at the AFLW Under 18 Championships, Schutte put it to best use. Her efficiency and impact there rose, particularly in the loss to Queensland. When with the Power, at times she can be undersiege in defence and bomb the ball out of defence just to relieve the pressure.

That is a way she can continue to improve, as when in full flight with time and space, Schutte is more than capable of hitting targets over multiple distances. Not having a left side hurts though, as she is a predominant right footer, and therefore by developing an opposite foot, Schutte will avoid getting corralled or forced to bomb the all as much.

What is impressive about Schutte is her ability to impact both in the air and at ground level. She will compete for the ball one-on-one, and if she does not mark it, she will back herself with her athletic gifts to then beat her opponent on the deck.

As a whole, Schutte is a player that suggests there is more development to come, and while there are areas for the Power defender to tidy up, she has a lot of eye-catching traits that will only get better at the elite level.


The importance placed on athleticism is high these days, and Amber Schutte has that in spades. Given she is also strong, and can use the ball when given the space to run, she has the tools across the board to make the next step. Schutte is around the middle of the draft right now, but she is likely to be a prospect that a couple of clubs may rate higher than others because of those developable traits.

Aerial ability
Defensive pressure
Kicking penetration
Kicking under pressure
Opposite foot

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