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Ashleigh Van Loon

height: 169cm


D.O.B: 11-08-2004

Leagues: AFLW, Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U17 Championships

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Ash Van Loon is a clean, inside midfielder from the Geelong Falcons who has overcome injury issues to have an influence for the Falcons. Not a massive ball-winner, her influence is felt in two ways – with her clean hands, and her defensive pressure. On the flip side, Van Loon needs to find more roles outside the coalface, increasing her versatility, though her inside game is high level.


One of the top Geelong Falcons prospects coming into the year, Ash Van Loon’s season hit a speed bump at Epsom Huntly Reserve, when she came off with a knee injury in Round 2 against the Bushrangers. First  feared to be an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, Van Loon was able to recover in time to play the last four games of the NAB League Girls season.

Excluding the injured game to the Bushrangers, and the semi-final against the Stingrays where she only had the two touches after another early exit, Van Loon picked up between 12 and 14 disposals in the other four games. A natural tackling machine, she averaged 5.7 tackles, though perhaps her eight-tackle average in a full season as a bottom-ager is more accurate. Similarly, Van Loon can create drive going forward, but her best work is on the inside, with a balance of offensive and defensive traits, in particular her clean hands.

Van Loon is one who is very clean at ground level and quick to dish off handballs to running teammates, doing the hard yards on the inside. She gets her hands dirty and lays plenty of tackles, with around a 50 per kick ratio. Van Loon is not a natural goalkicker and she has largely played as that contested ball-winning midfielder. When it comes to clearances, Van Loon can have a massive impact, and is evasive enough to use power to shrug off would-be tacklers.

Generally her decision making process and footy smarts are strong, and though her kicking can still be further improved, Van Loon utilises her strengths over her deficiencies, and is able to scoop the ball up cleanly and set up teammates with her quick hands and vision. Though injury impacted her year, Van Loon is one who could be one to watch in an elite system, with a great attitude and work rate. If she can get a clean run, then Van Loon could be a valuable inside midfielder.


In the four games that Ash Van Loon was able to complete in season 2022, the Geelong Falcons midfielder averaged eight tackles per game, including 13 in Round 9 against the Eastern Ranges.

Clean hands
Contested work
Decision making
Defensive pressure
Inside game
Outside game
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2022Geelong Cats VFLW000000000000000000000
2023Essendon VFLW71219300150113032.

Coates Talent League Girls

2019Geelong Falcons000000000000000000000
2020Geelong Falcons101315100136042025.
2021Geelong Falcons44398311006410165085.54.910.
2022Geelong Falcons3032621000340088065.05.310.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Vic Country U17s121830200150550026.
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