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Bianca Lyne

height: 174cm


D.O.B: 06-04-2005

Leagues: Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Bianca Lyne is an AFLW Academy member with an impressive leap, elite endurance and great closing speed who has been utilised in a multitude of positions over her junior career. Initially starting as an undersized ruck, Lyne was moved on-ball to start the 2023 season, but quickly found her way into defence where she ended the year.


+ Vertical leap
+ Versatility
+ Defensive versatility
+ Closing speed
+ Endurance
+ Character


- Kicking
- Ground balls

Lyne has been a player around the mark in terms of talls over the past couple of years, and remains a consideration for clubs off the back of some solid performances in defence for Dandenong Stingrays, Vic Country, and even the AFLW Academy.

It was evident from past years that at 174cm, despite boasting an elite vertical leap, she was not going to be a ruck at AFLW level. In order to counteract that, Lyne started her season on-ball against the Swans Academy, while still rotating into the ruck. After the Round 1 game though, she featured in the midfield for a few more weeks before eventually stepping into defence.

Lyne is one of those players who competes well in the air, and though not a consistent mark, can provide an intercepting presence and has good closing speed to spoil. Her elite vertical leap makes her an ideal defender as she can come over the top of opponents and provide a clean punch. Her size is tall enough to play on key position types, while having the athleticism to battle against smaller, quicker players as well.

The main improvement for Lyne comes in the form of her kicking, and like a lot of taller players, it is still a work in progress. Over short distances she can hit targets, but often wins her touches in transition and has to try and gain distance on her kicks. That, along with being cleaner at ground level will help her become a more all-round player.

Her strengths and improvements largely tell a story as to why she moved into defence, as clubs could see a long-term player in that role. She is a team-first player who can shut down an opponent, and it will likely be in a similar way to Tahlia Gillard at Melbourne in the sense that though she is shorter, she is a defend-first player.

Overall, Lyne has the traits that earned her a place in the AFLW Academy. Though she has areas to develop, her athleticism and in particular vertical leap, allows her to compete well as a tall defender, and having had the experience as a ruck in the past, could always chop out when the ball is in the area. Like many talls, Lyne is a long-term prospect but has character on her side as well, and will have interest from clubs needing an athletic tall.


Bianca Lyne has been thrown around in multiple positions over her junior career, but has had the most impact in her current role as a tall defender. If selected, expect her to fill out that position, and a club will focus on building up her improvements to complement her athletic gifts.

Defensive versatility
Vertical leap
Ground balls


2023Casey Demons VFLW1331610050131026.

Coates Talent League Girls

2021Dandenong Stingrays1610262001543050044.
2022Dandenong Stingrays212546400351320137082.
2023Dandenong Stingrays5660116600382301680115.15.510.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Vic Country Girls10818200423450133.
2023Vic Country Girls571226550012031.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021Vic Country U17s87150001020340024.
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