TOP 10s | 2023 AFLW Draft Combines

A NEW two-kilometre time trial record and a host of top five all-time finishes marked a successful AFLW Draft Combine period that saw this year’s top draft prospects put to the test. Dandenong Stingrays runner Mikayla Williamson blitzed the field in the 2km time trial at the AIA Centre recently, clocking up a record time of seven minutes and nine seconds.

Williamson eclipsed the previous shared record between now AFLW talents, Nina Morrison and Tarni Evans (7:14), with the only recorded time to beat Williamson being that of Eliza McNamara‘s Strava app time during the pandemic of 6:59.

Williamson was not the only player to finish inside the top five all-time scores, with Stingrays teammate and fellow AFLW Academy member Bianca Lyne (7:21) and Tasmanian runner Jasmyn Thompson (7:23) recording fourth and fifth all-time finishes. Lions Academy athlete Evie Long broke up an otherwise Talent League top eight, recording a time of 7:25.

Several top five times were cracked in both the 20m sprint and agility test as well. Eastern Ranges duo Laura Stone (3.080 seconds) and Georgia Stubs (3.122 seconds) clocked up the second and third quickest 20m sprints, with Gippsland Power’s Amber Schutte just behind them with 3.125 seconds.

From an agility standpoint, East Fremantle over-ager Mylee Leitch snuck through in 8.321 seconds, the second fastest ever recorded time behind Zimmorlei Farquharson (8.170 seconds). Williamson (8.328 seconds) was third all-time, with Glenelg SANFLW league best and fairest winner Piper Window clocking up 8.450 seconds and being fifth overall, while Swans Academy member Holly Cooper‘s 8.491 seconds meant she slotted into sixth of all-time.

Calder Cannons’ Amy Gaylor leapt into the history books in both the standing and running vertical jumps, reaching 62cm in the standing and 74cm in the running to be equal third and equal fourth of all-time in those areas. Woodville-West Torrens Eagles star Shineah Goody also managed 74cm in the running jump.

Among the other players to regularly feature in the top 10s of multiple tests were Western Jets duo Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner and Tamara Henry, South Adelaide’s Alissa Brook, Claremont’s Ella Slocombe and GIANTS Academy member Cleo Buttifant.


#1 Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) 62cm
eq. #2 Tamara Henry (Western Jets) 60cm
eq. #2 Amber Schutte (Gippsland Power) 60cm
#4 Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) 59cm
eq. #5 Holly Cooper (Swans Academy) 58cm
eq. #5 Alissa Brook (South Adelaide) 58cm
#7 Indiana Williams (Lions Academy) 57cm
eq. #8 Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Western Jets) 56cm
eq. #8 Cleo Buttifant (GIANTS Academy) 56cm
eq. #8 Shineah Goody (WWT Eagles) 56cm


eq. #1 Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) 74cm
eq. #1 Shineah Goody (WWT Eagles) 74cm
#3 Tshinta Kendall (Bond University) 73cm
eq. #4 Alissa Brook (South Adelaide) 72cm
eq. #4 Cleo Buttifant (GIANTS Academy) 72cm
eq. #5 Holly Cooper (Swans Academy) 70cm
eq. #5 Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Western Jets) 70cm
#7 Tamara Henry (Western Jets) 69cm
eq. #8 Mylee Leitch (East Fremantle) 68cm
eq. #8 Ella Slocombe (Claremont) 68cm
#10 Meg Robertson (Dandenong Stingrays) 66cm


#1 Laura Stone (Eastern Ranges) 3.080 seconds
#2 Georgia Stubs (Eastern Ranges) 3.122 seconds
#3 Amber Schutte (Gippsland Power) 3.125 seconds
#4 Isabel Bacon (Sandringham Dragons) 3.164 seconds
#5 Jemma Rigoni (Oakleigh Chargers) 3.179 seconds
#6 Holly Cooper (Swans Academy) 3.203 seconds
#7 Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) 3.208 seconds
#8 Kristie-Lee Weston-Turner (Western Jets) 3.211 seconds
#9 Annabel Kievit (NT Academy) 3.255 seconds
#10 Piper Window (Glenelg) 3.261 seconds


#1 Mylee Leitch (East Fremantle) 8.321 seconds
#2 Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) 8.328 seconds
#3 Piper Window (Glenelg) 8.450 seconds
#4 Holly Cooper (Swans Academy) 8.491 seconds
#5 Laura Stone (Eastern Ranges) 8.516 seconds
#6 Keely Fullerton (Bendigo Pioneers) 8.532 seconds
#7 Holly O’Flaherty (Lions Academy) 8.570 seconds
#8 Elaine Grigg (Central District) 8.582 seconds
#9 Brooke Boileau (South Adelaide) 8.629 seconds
#10 Liliana Grassenis (West Perth) 8.688 seconds


#1 Mikayla Williamson (Dandenong Stingrays) 7:09 minutes
#2 Bianca Lyne (Dandenong Stingrays) 7:21 minutes
#3 Jasmyn Thompson (Tasmania Devils) 7:23 minutes
#4 Evie Long (Lions Academy) 7:25 minutes
#5 Lila Keck (Bendigo Pioneers) 7:41 minutes
#6 Tyla Crabtree (GWV Rebels) 7:42 minutes
#7 Lily Jordan (GWV Rebels) 7:45 minutes
#8 Bryde O’Rourke (Bendigo Pioneers) 7:49 minutes
#9 Sophie Peters (Lions Academy) 7:50 minutes
eq. #10 Amy Gaylor (Calder Cannons) 7:52 minutes
eq. #10 Ella Slocombe (Claremont) 7:52 minutes

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