Midfielder, Forward


Holly Cooper

height: 164cm


D.O.B: 23-02-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Holly Cooper is a fast-developing talent out of the Sydney Swans Academy with plenty of upside for the future. With a combination of outstanding athletic traits, clean hands and defensive pressure the Manly Warringah Wolves midfielder has come along in leaps and bounds this year. The former netballer has taken to the game well, and has some great upside as well.


+ Speed
+ Agility
+ Vertical leap
+ Defensive pressure
+ Clean hands
+ Hurt factor


- Kicking consistency
- Production


Cooper is a natural athlete and it shows both on and off the field. Through testing, Cooper rated elite in each of the vertical jumps, 20m sprint and agility, while being above average in the yo-yo. Her ability to win the ball on the inside or outside and move it quickly in transition is a key aspect of her game. She can be a little hit or miss with her kicking at times, but her technique is sound, and her weighted handballs open up play for her teammates.

Though often a ground level player, Cooper is a second possession winner from a stoppage, using her burst to advantage, and not only that, but her high-level agility to weave through traffic. By hand, Cooper is clean and able to dish off well, running at 72.7 per cent efficiency in that regard at the AFLW Under 18 Championships for the Allies.

Despite her kicking efficiency running at 35.3 per cent, Cooper has a sound technique and her ability to create separation from the stoppage allows her side to benefit down the field. The Swans Academy member has been able to play both inside and outside, and as a small forward at AFL Sydney level for the Wolves.

Cooper played all three games for the Swans Academy, averaging 17.3 disposals, 2.3 marks and 5.3 inside 50s, providing plenty of dash going forward. But her offensive flair is not the only element that catches the eye, with her defensive pressure - including a whopping 7.7 tackles per game - also a feature that underpins her successful rise up draft boards this year.

In a less measurable but no less important area, Cooper has plenty of hurt factor within her game. By being able to go from inside the contest to out, and get the ball forward, she is often contributing to scoring chains. If she can lift her production numbers over time, she will have even greater influence within matches and become well-rounded.

Cooper is more likely to be a longer-term prospect, but has the tools to become a damaging player at AFLW level. Whether that is on the wing, up forward or potentially one day on the inside, Cooper has a nice balance of offensive and defensive traits and can slot in wherever she is required.


Holly Cooper is a Swans Academy member and therefore the red and white might look to take her off the board before GWS GIANTS. It means that Cooper could go higher than expected in the draft, but on value, she is more than deserving of slotting somewhere in the second round. She might not make an immediate impact at AFLW level, but will be worth the wait with development at the elite level.

Clean hands
Defensive pressure
Hurt factor
Vertical leap
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

Coates Talent League Girls

2023Swans Academy39135270023001621313.04.317.

AFLW U18 Championships

2023Allies Girls17112861910140853035.
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