TOP 24 in 2024 | Dalgleish among four PPR toppers

OVER the past month, the top female athletes from across the country have tested themselves at the Preseason Testing Combines and posted some incredible results. We have noted down the top fives in each test for each of the events, but what about those player who finish just outside the top fives across multiple disciplines, or test well across the board?

Rookie Me Central released the Player Performance Ratings (PPRs) for the AFLW Draft Combine last year, with Swans Academy talent Holly Cooper dominating to register a score of 95 out of 100. The final score for each athlete is determined by their age, and each of their tests are graded on an elite, excellent, very good, good and growth area scale.

While no one over the preseason quite hit Cooper’s score, there were a number of players impressing with 90 or more. Please note this does not include the South Australian testing event which took place in December last year.


eq. 1. Kayla Dalgleish (Dandenong Stingrays / Vic Country) | 92.2
eq. 1. Jaslyn Freestone (Tasmania Devils / Tasmania) | 92.2
eq. 1. Hannah Seaborn (Claremont / Western Australia) | 92.2
eq. 1. Lataya De Pauw (Lions Academy / Queensland) | 92.2
eq. 5. Ava Usher (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 90.6
eq. 5. Heidi Talbot (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 90.6
eq. 5. Stasia Stevenson (Eastern Ranges / Vic Metro) | 90.6
eq. 8. Lavinia Cox (Bendigo Pioneers / Vic Country) | 89.1
eq. 8. Zippy Fish (East Fremantle / Western Australia) | 89.1
eq. 8. Indiana West (Swan Districts / Western Australia) | 89.1
eq. 11. Ellie Veerhuis (Swans Academy / NSW-ACT) | 87.5
eq. 11. Asia Single (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 87.5
eq. 11. Grace Cooper (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 87.5
eq. 11. Nyalli Milne (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 87.5
eq. 11. Asher Fearn-Wannan (Eastern Ranges / Vic Metro) | 87.5
eq. 16. Sophia de Castella (Giants Academy / NSW-ACT) | 85.9
eq. 16. Tara Nieass (Suns Academy / Queensland) | 85.9
eq. 16. Harlee McIlwain (Lions Academy / Queensland) | 85.8
eq. 16. Ella Gilbey (Claremont / Western Australia) | 85.9
eq. 16. Payten Johnston (Murray Bushrangers / Vic Country) | 85.9
eq. 16. Isabella Klein (Murray Bushrangers / Vic Country) | 85.9
eq. 16. Charlotte Brewer (Oakleigh Chargers / Vic Metro) | 85.9
eq. 16. Evie Parker (Eastern Ranges / Vic Metro) | 85.9
eq. 16. Ruby Murdoch (Dandenong Stingrays / Vic Country) | 85.9

As you can see from above an incredible four players topped the overall PPR score with 92.2.

Dandenong Stingrays’ top-ager Kayla Dalgleish rated elite or excellent in all of her tests with her right-handed and left footed vertical jumps, 20m sprint and yo-yo scores all ranking in the ‘elite’ category.

Dalgleish shared the honour with Tasmanian Jaslyn Freestone who’s 20m sprint and yo-yo were both rated elite, while her agility was rated excellent. The others to top equal first on the leaderboard were 16-year-old Queenslander Lataya De Pauw and 14-year-old West Australian Hannah Seaborn who both topped their respective age categories.

Rounding out the top five were Queensland representatives Ava Usher and Heidi Talbot with the bottom-ager and top-ager recording elite scores in the 20m sprint, with Talbot also managing an elite yo-yo, while Usher had an excellent agility score.

Eastern Ranges’ Stasia Stevenson tested the best from the Victorian Metropolitan regions and finished equal fifth. Stevenson rated elite in her agility and over the first 10m of her 20m sprint, as well as excellent in the 20m sprint and all of her jumps. Stevenson was one of three Ranges in the top 25, alongside Asher Fearn-Wannan and Evie Parker.

Bendigo Pioneers’ Lavinia Cox, and West Australian speedsters Zippy Fish and Indiana West completed the top 10 with a shared score of 89.1 across the board.

Gold Coast Suns Academy contributed 25 per cent of the top 24 representatives, with six players testing 86 over above, including a host of Under 16s athletes. Brisbane Lions Academy, Dandenong Stingrays and Murray Bushrangers were the other teams to have multiple representatives in the top 25, with two players apiece.


Bendigo Pioneers: Lavinia Cox (89.1)
Calder Cannons: Maddison Albrecht (76.3)
Dandenong Stingrays: Kayla Dalgleish (92.2)
Eastern Ranges: Stasia Stevenson (90.6)
Geelong Falcons: Seisia White (82.8)
Giants Academy: Sophia de Castella (85.9)
Gippsland Power: Zali Gallagher (79.4)
GWV Rebels: Tyla Crabtree (73.4)
Lions Academy: Lataya De Pauw (92.2)
Murray Bushrangers: Payten Johnston & Isabella Klein (85.9)
Northern Knights: Mary Robinson (84.4)
Oakleigh Chargers: Charlotte Brewer (85.9)
Sandringham Dragons: Imogen Perrett (75.0)
Suns Academy: Ava Usher & Heidi Talbot (90.6)
Swans Academy: Ellie Veerhuis (87.5)
Tasmania Devils: Jaslyn Freestone (92.2)
Western Jets: Sierra Grieves (76.6)


Claremont: Hannah Seaborn (92.2)
East Fremantle: Zippy Fish (89.1)
East Perth: Amelia Carrabba (79.7)
Peel Thunder: Mia Pedrana (82.8)
Perth: Sarah Spratt (78.1)
South Fremantle: Ella Matthews (82.8)
Subiaco: Macy Fair (84.4)
Swan Districts: Indiana West (89.1)
West Perth: Mia Russo (79.7)

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