TOP 5s | 2024 Preseason Testing – Coates Talent League Girls

OAKLEIGH Chargers top-ager Sarah Poustie smashed the previous Coates League Talent Girls yo-yo test record on the weekend, finishing with a mind-blowing level of 18.03. The record surpassed anything before it at the event, and also topped the 18.01 achievement set by Nina Morrison at the 2018 AFL Women’s Draft Combine.

Poustie, who actually held the equal Talent League Girls record last year when she recorded a score of 17.08, went one several levels better this year in the final group of the day. Incredibly, the Vic Metro winger was narrowly away from hitting 18.05, which might be a target for the teenager at year’s end.

Her result was the standout one from the event that took place at Narrandjeri Stadium in Thornbury yesterday, with fellow winger, Geelong Falcons’ Mekah Morrissy finishing second overall in the yo-yo with a 17.06. Northern Knights’ Lola Stone was third, before the results spread out.

Eastern Ranges had the top two results in the running vertical jump, with Asher Fearn-Wannan (68cm) marginally pipping her teammate Evie Parker (67cm), while Bendigo Pioneers’ cross-coder Lavinia Cox had a 66cm running jump. Cox bolted her way around the agility test to pick up an outstanding 8.273 seconds, ahead of another Eastern Ranges duo of Stasia Stevenson (8.306 seconds) and Emily Rankin (8.327 seconds). Fearn-Wannan finished equal fifth in the test.

Calder Cannons top-ager Maddison Albrecht finished top two in both the standing vertical jump (equal first) and 20m sprint (second), registering scores of 56cm and 3.2 seconds. She shared the standing vertical top billing with AFLW Academy member Grace Baba, while just falling short of Northern Knights’ Maddison Meagher‘s 3.164 seconds in the 20m sprint.

Northern Territory’s Emma Stark was one of three players to reach 54cm in the standing jump, with the St Mary’s prospect playing with Oakleigh this Talent League Girls season. Dandenong Stingrays’ Kayla Dalgleish who finished equal fourth in the running vertical jump, was actually the top ranked overall athlete, having rated elite or excellent in all of her tests.

Eastern Ranges tested well across the board, including three players inside the top five of the running vertical jump. Image credit: Rookie Me Central


eq. 1. Maddison Albrecht (Calder Cannons) – 56cm
eq. 1. Grace Baba (Eastern Ranges) – 56cm
eq. 3. Mathilde Wilkinson (Eastern Ranges) – 54cm
eq. 3. Marlo Cockerill (Oakleigh Chargers) – 54cm
eq. 3. Emma Stark (Oakleigh Chargers) – 54cm

1. Asha Fearn-Wannan (Eastern Ranges) – 68cm
2. Evie Parker (Eastern Ranges) – 67cm
3. Lavinia Cox (Bendigo Pioneers) – 66cm
eq. 4. Kayla Dalgleish (Dandenong Stingrays) – 65cm
eq. 4. Mary Robinson (Northern Knights) – 65cm
eq. 4. Payten Johnston (Murray Bushrangers) – 65cm
eq. 4. Stasia Stevenson (Eastern Ranges) – 65cm

1. Maddison Meagher (Northern Knights) – 3.164 seconds
2. Maddison Albrecht (Calder Cannons) – 3.2 seconds
eq. 3. Kiara Boyd (Western Jets) – 3.237 seconds
eq. 3. Holly Cassidy (Gippsland Power) – 3.237 seconds
5. Zali Gallagher (Gippsland Power) – 3.243 seconds

1. Lavinia Cox (Bendigo Pioneers) – 8.273 seconds
2. Stasia Stevenson (Eastern Ranges) – 8.306 seconds
3. Emily Rankin (Eastern Ranges) – 8.327 seconds
4. Seisia White (Geelong Falcons) – 8.339 seconds
eq. 5. Nikita Harris (Dandenong Stingrays) – 8.354 seconds
eq. 5. Asher Fearn-Wannan (Eastern Ranges) – 8.354 seconds

1. Sarah Poustie (Oakleigh Chargers) – 18.03 level
2. Mekah Morrissy (Geelong Falcons) – 17.06 level
3. Lola Stone (Northern Knights) – 17.04 level
eq. 4. Gabrielle Trajer (Sandringham Dragons) – 17.02 level
eq. 4. Hannah Foran (Sandringham Dragons) – 17.02 level
eq. 4. Caitlin Charles (Geelong Falcons) – 17.02 level
eq. 4. Tahlia Sanger (Dandenong Stingrays) – 17.02 level
eq. 4. Sophie McIntosh (Oakleigh Chargers) – 17.02 level

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