TOP 5s | 2024 Preseason Testing – Tasmania Devils Boys

SEASON proper is edging ever closer for the Tasmania Devils, who underwent preseason testing in Hobart on Sunday. Top prospects in the boys squad soared atop the charts in a competitive field of results across all five events.

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Over-ager Geordie Payne impressed alongside Allies camp member Lenny Douglas, both achieving top five results in three separate categories. Among them, Payne topped the agility test with a time of 7.718 seconds, while Douglas notched the quickest 20-metre sprint at 2.914 seconds.

Having cut his teeth as a small defender with plenty of dash and flair, Payne will shift into a mid-forward role this season alongside Douglas. The latter, who bases his game off Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey, expects to play a 70-30 split between the two roles.

A total of seven other Devils managed top five finishes in multiple events, including 2004-born tall Callum Boucher. The program newcomer leapt for the best standing vertical jump and placed second in the running version, playing up to his aerial potential at 198cm.

Tommy Bennett was another to showcase his hops, finishing third and fifth for the respective leaps. Bottom-ager Lucas Wootton, one of the state’s best performed Under 16 representatives last year, also excelled with the third-best running jump to go with fifth place in the 20-metre sprint.

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1. Callum Boucher – 71cm
2. Geordie Payne – 69cm
=3. Avery Thomas – 68cm
=3. Tommy Bennett – 68cm
5. Jade Clark – 67cm

1. Jack Gilligan – 88cm
2. Callum Boucher – 87cm
=3. Lucas Wootton – 85cm
=3. Lenny Douglas – 85cm
=5. Darcey Noonan – 84cm
=5. Tommy Bennett – 84cm

1. Lenny Douglas – 2.914 seconds
=2. Geordie Payne – 2.93 seconds
=2. Malachi Sheehan – 2.93 seconds
=2. Avery Thomas – 2.93 seconds
5. Lucas Wootton – 2.947 seconds

1. Geordie Payne – 7.718 seconds
2. Darcey Noonan – 7.984 seconds
3. Toby Callow – 7.988 seconds
4. Lenny Douglas – 8.014 seconds
5. Daniel Cooney – 8.047 seconds

1. Max Roney – 21.06
2. Emig French – 21.05
3. Daniel Cooney – 21.04
4. Jade Clark – 21.02
5. Jarvis Breen – 21.01

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