TOP 5s | 2024 Preseason Testing – Lions & Suns Academies

AFL DRAFT prospects of the now and near future starred as the Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns academies underwent preseason testing over the weekend. Both Under 18 squads converged on Brisbane South State Secondary College on Sunday to be put through their paces.

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Leading Queensland talent Leonardo Lombard was among the strongest performers, achieving three top five finishes and the best agility test time (8.058 seconds). Suns Academy players topped every test on the day in a promising showing of their continued ability to produce prospects.

Former Lions Academy captain Bradley McDonald leapt high, notching the fourth-best running vertical jump (88cm). Bottom-ager and 2023 Alan McLean Medallist Beau Addinsall was top in that category (92cm), while top-age tall Caleb Nancarrow completed the best standing jump (83cm).

Ryan Gilder showcased his all-round athleticism with some of the Lions’ best scores across each category. Overall, he finished in the top fives of three events. Lions Under 16 MVP Daniel Annable is another to watch after being second only to fellow bottom-ager Zac Eckersley in the yo-yo test.

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1. Caleb Nancarrow (Suns Academy) – 83cm
2. Dylan Patterson (Suns Academy) – 78cm
3. Ben O’Brien (Suns Academy) – 77cm
4. Beau Addinsall (Suns Academy) – 76cm
=5. Koby Coulson (Suns Academy) – 73cm
=5. Baxter Ellis (Lions Academy) – 73cm
=5. Ryan Gilder (Lions Academy) – 73cm
=5. Josh Zanker-Close (Suns Academy) – 73cm


=1. Beau Addinsall (Suns Academy) – 92cm
=1. Ben O’Brien (Suns Academy) – 92cm
3. Caleb Nancarrow (Suns Academy) – 91cm
=4. Bradley McDonald (Lions Academy) – 88cm
=4. Josh Zanker-Close (Suns Academy) – 88cm

Daniel Annable finished second in the yo-yo test | Image Credit: Rookie Me Central


1. Dylan Patterson (Suns Academy) – 2.882 seconds
2. Max Cruse (Suns Academy) – 2.923 seconds
3. Leonardo Lombard (Suns Academy) – 2.93 seconds
4. Ryan Gilder (Lions Academy) – 2.967 seconds
5. Raphael Geesu (Lions Academy) – 2.968 seconds


1. Leonardo Lombard (Suns Academy) – 8.058 seconds
2. Zai Millane (Suns Academy) – 8.168 seconds
3. Ryan Gilder (Lions Academy) – 8.178 seconds
4. Bailey Morgan (Lions Academy) – 8.196 seconds
5. Daniel Annable (Lions Academy) – 8.197 seconds

>> Q&A: Leonardo Lombard (Suns Academy)


1. Zac Eckersley (Suns Academy) – 21.08
2. Daniel Annable (Lions Academy) – 21.07
3. Leonardo Lombard (Suns Academy) – 21.05
4. Archie Hill (Suns Academy) – 21.03
=5. Nick Francis (Suns Academy) – 21.02
=5. Harry Sullivan (Suns Academy) – 21.02

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