TOP 5s | 2024 Preseason Testing – Giants & Swans Academies

THE Sydney Swans and Greater Western Sydney Giants academies were put through their paces at preseason testing events in Canberra and Sydney over the weekend, with Max King and Isaac Baldwin dominating each event for their respective programs.

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Baldwin, a top-ager from the Giants Academy, remarkably topped the charts for every test in Canberra on Saturday, but finished second overall to King in the standing and running vertical jumps. The latter placed second to Baldwin in the 20-metre sprint.

King is among the Swans’ most promising juniors and performed strongly at last year’s Under 16 National Championships. His all-round athletic profile makes him a versatile prospect with plenty of upside at 191cm, well poised to feature in draft discussions next year.

Others to impress include the Giants’ Mitchell Bradley, who achieved top five finishes in the standing vertical jump, 20-metre sprint, and agility test. Swans over-ager and Allies representative Max Rider also proved his readiness with the equal-top yo-yo test score (21.02).

The Swans will have high hopes for National Academy member Joel Cochran, who notched up the fourth-best overall running vertical jump. Midfielder Joe Harrison, who turned out in last year’s AFL Futures game, achieved the same placing in the agility test.

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1. Max King (Swans Academy) – 78cm
2. Isaac Baldwin (Giants Academy) – 73cm
=3. Mitchell Bradley (Giants Academy) – 71cm
=3. Max Rider (Swans Academy) – 71cm
5. Matthew Gill (Swans Academy) – 69cm


1. Max King (Swans Academy) – 98cm
2. Isaac Baldwin (Giants Academy) – 91cm
3. Coby Hilton (Giants Academy) – 89cm
=4. Joel Cochran (Swans Academy) – 88cm
=4. Will Morahan (Swans Academy) – 88cm

Image Credit: Rookie Me Central


1. Isaac Baldwin (Giants Academy) – 2.852 seconds
2. Max King (Swans Academy) – 2.882 seconds
3. Hamish Saunders (Giants Academy) – 2.895 seconds
4. Mitchell Bradley (Giants Academy) – 2.902 seconds
5. Bailey-Dean Latanis (Giants Academy) – 2.905 seconds


1. Isaac Baldwin (Giants Academy) – 7.897 seconds
2. Mitchell Bradley (Giants Academy) – 8.019 seconds
3. Hamish Saunders (Giants Academy) – 8.062 seconds
4. Joe Harrison (Swans Academy) – 8.122 seconds
5. Riley Hayman (Giants Academy) – 8.184 seconds


1. James Lugsdin (Swans Academy) – 21.03
=2. Russell Royal (Swans Academy) – 21.02
=2. Nicholas Andreacchio (Swans Academy) – 21.02
=2. Max Rider (Swans Academy) – 21.02
=5. Lachlan Williams (Swans Academy) – 21.01
=5. Ethan Hyams (Swans Academy) – 21.01

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