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Tamara Henry

height: 170cm


D.O.B: 05-07-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Tamara Henry is a player whose best was eye-catching, with her aerial prowess, speed and clean hands among her strongest attributes. The Western Jets’ forward even spent time in the midfield this season, but is working on her consistency to be able to impact for four quarters and game-to-game, though has the potential to become a dangerous talent inside 50.


+ Strength
+ Aerial ability
+ Defensive pressure
+ Versatility
+ Clean hands
+ Speed


- Consistency
- Polish


Henry has all the tools of becoming a really damaging player. Often utilised as that high half-forward who could hit the scoreboard, but also provide an option in transition when searching for a target inside 50, she showed glimpses of the players she could become.

At Talent League level, Henry averaged the 12.3 disposals, 2.5 marks, 4.8 tackles and 2.5 inside 50s per game, while kicking seven goals from 11 matches. Given she did spend time through the midfield - often rotating with bottom-ager Sierra Grieves - later in the season, her individual scoreboard impact was not often as big as others, and in fact she kicked six of her seven goals across three matches.

Henry's best style sees a strong half-forward clunking a contested mark then wheeling around and delivering inside 50 to a leading target. That form she showed against Murray Bushrangers - 25 disposals, five marks and booting two goals - was her 'wow' moment, and looked like an incredibly damaging talent.

Consistency has plagued Henry however, with the three games leading up to that match, and one after that all 10 or less disposals without hitting the scoreboard. She also took a combined five marks in those four games. While her game against the Bushrangers was an outstanding performance, she also had games such as those against Tasmania Devils (12 disposals, two goals) and Calder Cannons (14 disposals, two goals) where she was able to still hit the scoreboard and influence the game.

Aside from that consistency and perhaps a bit of final polish with her disposal by foot at times - particularly under pressure - Henry has a lot of draftable traits. Her aerial strength has been touched on, as she can clunk contested marks well, and at 170cm is that in-between height of not quite being a tall, but also not a small, so could battle well against most opponents.

Once the ball hits the deck she is not out of the contest, with a combination of clean hands and speed that catches the eye. From a defensive standpoint, she had five ore more tackles in six of her 11 games, so can provide that two-way gamestyle. It also shows a nice foundational balance from which clubs could work from.

At AFLW level, Henry is likely to start deeper inside 50 due to those hands, and could play a defensive forward role that also hurts offensive defenders the other way. She has the speed and strength to win it in the air, but the nous to get back and hit the scoreboard and make her opponent pay.

It would not be a surprise to see a player of Henry's ilk have a wide draft range depending on the club in question. At times, Henry looks like an easy top 30 player, but it is all about consistency and ongoing production with the Jets talent. Not a guarantee, she should still have plenty of fans based off her traits and what she could become.


Tamara Henry is a talented player with strong hands and an ability to play both deep and high as a forward. She spent some minutes through the midfield for the Western Jets, and has the defensive pressure and ground level play to assist in a variety of roles. Henry is one who could enter the conversation anywhere from the later second round onwards.

Aerial ability
Clean hands
Defensive pressure
Disposal consistency
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

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