Amy Gaylor

height: 170cm


D.O.B: 23-08-2005

Leagues: Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Calder Cannons midfielder Amy Gaylor is an all-round star athlete and incredible inside midfielder that makes her one of the most intriguing prospects heading into this year’s AFLW Draft. Though she missed the bulk of the season due to injury, she still managed to get out on the park for seven games and showed off some of the traits that make her such a high-upside inside midfielder.


+ Explosive speed + Athleticism + Defensive pressure + Contested work + Clean hands + Vision


- Outside game - Kicking under pressure


Gaylor has had quite the journey over the last two years, from bursting onto the scene as a bottom-ager with Calder, to progressing through to play in the Under 17 Futures match, get into the AFLW Academy and then a top-age Vic Metro selection. But it was far from smooth sailing for the teenager who initially thought she would be out for 12 months.

Told she had torn an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), Gaylor feared the worst when heading into surgery, but was pleasantly surprised when it was found not to be as severe as first thought. After facing the possibility of missing the entire 2023 season, Gaylor returned for Vic Metro's final AFLW Under 18 Championships match, and then played out the remainder of Calder's season.

On-field, Gaylor's mix of athletic and footballing profile makes her a damaging player. From an athleticism point of view, there's little that she does not excel in. Boasting the biggest vertical jump in the country (62cm standing and 74cm running), the 171cm midfielder also clocked a 3.2-second 20m sprint, and a sub-eight minute 2km time trial.

Essentially, Gaylor can run all day, and still have her burst speeds through contests all over the ground. Her inside work in particular is what stands out, with some of the cleanest hands, best vision and natural contested game that shines, Gaylor is a prospect with potential to only get better in the future.

When the ball is on the deck at a stoppage, Gaylor is a one-touch player, and her understanding of winning the ball - which usually features a blind turn out of traffic - is sensational. She can run full pelt at the groundball, scoop it up and dish it off lightning quick to a teammate on the outside. That move is her bread and butter, and by hand she is as damaging as any player going around.

When it comes to her kicking, she can also be influential, but mostly when on the move going forward. She has a sound kicking action and her best efficiency is a low bullet inside 50. When under pressure or confronted by an oncoming opponent, she tends to lean back more on her kicks and though they still get to the designated area, is a way for her to further develop that technical aspect of her game.

Defensively, Gaylor is elite. There is no doubt her ability to lay run-down tackles or apply pressure to the opposition is among the best in the draft class. That balance of offence and defence is rare, and the Cannons midfielder certainly has that in spades.

Unfortunately the knee injury did stop Gaylor's momentum in season 2023, and it was only towards the end of the season - and just prior to the knee injury - where she found her best form. At times her production can be down, but her consistent four quarter effort allows her to keep pushing and her impact-per-possession - particularly by hand - is always high.

Going forward, Gaylor can further improve her outside game, as he inside game is superb. Not a potent aerial player or one to win it via handball receive, Gaylor could utilise that explosive speed to even more advantage by taking off and burning off an opponent in transition.

Overall, Gaylor's blend of athleticism, endurance, contested game and defensive pressure makes her the perfect inside midfielder, and one who will be a very good player at the top level.


Amy Gaylor is clearly among the better players in this year’s AFLW Draft. Though she is club-tied to Essendon and the Bombers are tipped to take her in the upcoming pre-listing period, no doubt a suite of clubs across the country would be keen to draft her. With some continuity and luck over the off-season, she is one who can make an immediate impact in whatever role she plays at the elite level.

Clean hands
Contested work
Defensive pressure
Kicking under pressure
Outside game

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