Shineah Goody

height: 162cm


D.O.B: 08-11-2005

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Shineah Goody is arguably the most complete player in the AFLW Draft crop. In just about every facet of football you can tick a box next to her name, and yet for most who know her well, they believe she has only scratched the surface of what she is capable of. From her unique all-round athleticism, to her high-level football smarts, as well as her offensive and defensive impact and sheer consistency not just week-to-week but season-to-season, Goody is a phenomenal talent.


+ Footy IQ
+ Skills
+ Consistency
+ Defensive pressure
+ Aerial ability
+ Composure
+ Athleticism


- Scoreboard impact


There are so many places to begin when it comes to Goody and what she offers. From bursting onto teh scene as a 15-year-old with Woodville-West Torrens, the talented utility showed promise even then. Though she was thrown around at bit at either end, she showed the traits that would soon make her one of the best going around.

A year later she was a fully fledged winger who could roll back into defence or go forward, and developed into that incredible onballer at state level. In short, she has played on all three lines, inside and outside and can just about do it all.

With ball-in-hand, few are better distributors of the pill than Goody, who has lovely weighting on both her kicks and handballs. In particular, her long handball - one that can travel 30m - is near unmatched, and her one-touch ability is equally ridiculous.

Able to win it in space or in close, though she is only 162cm, Goody holds her own, and once she has the ball, she rarely coughs it up. Even when tackled, Goody has outstanding core strength to dish off by hand and even occasionally shrug off would-be tacklers, or apply bone-bruising fend-offs. She might not have the sheer strength of others, but like everything Goody does, she just times it to perfection.

In many ways, Goody is the playing definition of 'work smarter, not harder' in the sense that she has collected so much information and experiences that she just knows when to release by hand or foot, and when to run to certain areas. With or without the ball, Goody is such a smart operator.

In the air, Goody is one of the most consistent marks, and again, she is one of the few 162cm players who can clunk pack marks leaving onlookers scratching their heads as to how on earth she managed to do it. At ground level, being the one-touch player helps, but more than anything, Goody has that famed 'Scott Pendlebury time and space' where she seems to stand still while everyone around her is rushing.

Over the last 12 months, Goody has learnt to deal with taggers as well, which is something at first she did not deal with as well as other situations. But, like all areas of her game, she learnt how to still impact games even when being tightly guarded.

Coming out at the 2022 AFL Women's Under 18 Championships, Goody showed the freedom of not having another player hanging off her to win the Most Valuable Player award for her state and the overall carnival. She would have been close again this year, earning All-Australian honours and along with actual winner India Rasheed and fellow top pick contender Lauren Young, led South Australia to back-to-back titles.

So just what does Goody need to work on to get better? If one wants to et incredibly nit-picky, then hitting the scoreboard is an area she can improve more. When forward, Goody is more than capable of putting a few through the big sticks, but converting more of those when playing midfield is away to further improve her game. She only kicked the two goals in the SANFLW season this year, so for all her incredible traits, that is one area that can still develop.

Adding to the above is the scariest fact for any future opponents - Goody can get better once inside a full-time environment. Throughout the year, Goody was limited in her training with the Eagles due to living hours out from Adelaide, and yet still produced the performances she did. Once in an AFLW program, she can only get better, so expect all the traits she has shown at junior level to come to the fore on the big stage.


Shineah Goody has the most well-rounded game of the AFLW Draft crop. From her athleticism, aerial and ground work, inside and outside balance, offensive and defensive capabilities and just natural footy smarts, she is going to be an outstanding midfielder for a very long time. As a member of the Port Adelaide Next-Generation Academy and the Power having the ability to pre-list a couple of players, expect Goody to find her way to Alberton, having already trained with the squad throughout this year.

Aerial ability
Defensive pressure
Footy IQ
Handball distribution
Scoreboard impact

SANFL Women's League

2022Eagles Women's1245918345003901114360913.86.620.
2023Eagles Women's13254186450055021441621112.04.916.
2024Eagles Women's000000000000000000000

AFLW U18 Championships

2022South Australia Girls354580200017114766311.715.
2023South Australia Girls35387313383610017950311.712.724.

AFLW U17 Championships

2021South Australia16824200170531228.
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