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Brooke Smith

height: 170cm


D.O.B: 21-02-2004

Leagues: AFLW, Vflw, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Brooke Smith has been a player without much luck the last 12 months, having to overcome a long-term injury before featuring late in the NAB League Girls season. A natural footballer, Smith has impressive skills, decision making and speed which makes her an eye-catching player out of defence, whilst needing to improve her endurance and find more of the ball.

Brooke Smith has had a tough run through injury the last two seasons, managing just the six games for the Dandenong Stingrays, then coming through to play two of the three games for Vic Country at the AFLW Under 18 Championships. That durability might be a question mark for clubs in the upcoming AFLW Draft, but when she has been on the field, she has certainly caught the eye.

Smith is not a huge accumulator of the football, but is one of those players who catches the eye with every touch. The aforementioned injury setbacks have meant she has had less time to improve her endurance, which is still an area she needs to work on. Though her traits lend themselves to also being able to play through the middle, getting continuity in her football and being able to string plenty of games together will be important, as she showed enough in her six NAB League games and two championship games to earn an AFLW Draft Combine invite. Standing at 169cm, Smith is a good height to be able to play on talls or smalls, and is one of the quickest players who tested at the 2021 preseason combine.

Though unable to test ahead of the 2022 season due to injury, Smith clocked up a time inside the top 10 across league to show what she is capable of when at her best. Combine that blistering speed with her footy smarts and skills, and there is enough about Smith to suggest she has a bright future. Playing in defence, Smith positions herself well behind the ball, and though not a predominant marker, she wins the ball well and intercepts, moving well off half-back and disposing of it cleanly and effectively down the ground.

If Smith can build her endurance up and get a clean run at a preseason, then she could be a really valued selection.


Brooke Smith has only managed three games a season (nine total) over each of the past three years, but showed enough to suggest she has high potential, earning a spot with Vic Country.

Clean hands
Decision making
Footy IQ




2022Casey Demons VFLW50500030111015.
2023Casey Demons VFLW1552020060051235.

Coates Talent League Girls

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2021Dandenong Stingrays19827400110029036.
2022Dandenong Stingrays2152650070038037.
2023Dandenong Stingrays6919888003300193779.92.712.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Vic Country Girls1331630080001026.
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