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Charlie Rowbottom

height: 178cm


D.O.B: 22-01-2003

Leagues: AFLW, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships


As an athletic, strong and tall midfield beast, Rowbottom has made stoppage craft her bread and butter; able to outbody and get significant separation from opponents consistently to win the ball at ground level, as well as in the air. At 178 cm, she can also fill in as a target up forward, where her contested marking shines. STRENGTHS:

  • Athleticism
  • Contested Marking
  • Stoppage Craft
  • Strength
  • Upside


  • Kicking Penetration

It is not too often that such a tall prospect can be so damaging as a midfielder, with Rowbottom being particularly dangerous around stoppages as her acceleration and strength allow her to get front position with ease, and run through opponents coming the other way. Her relentless attack on the footy means she is never the first to blink in those situations. On the occasion she does not get the first possession from a stoppage, she is exceptional in her tackling, with her strength meaning once she gets hold of an opponent they are going to ground. Another impressive aspect of Rowbottom’s game is her quick hands in close, having the ability to thread handballs to teammates even when being tackled, holding her feet under pressure. Able to hit handballs to runners when on the way up from a ground ball pick-up, the speed at which she operates with her hands keeps her team moving quickly. Across her responsibilities for both Oakleigh Chargers in the NAB League and Vic Metro at the AFLW Under 19 Championships, Rowbottom has had varying roles. Whilst predominantly a midfielder like her brother, Sydney’s James, Rowbottom is extremely effective when playing in the forwardline as a deep marking target. She kicked 10 goals from her 11 NAB League games while splitting her time 50-50 between both roles, but averaged 20.5 disposals, 4.5 clearances and three marks across the two Championships games. She has got a bright future in either role and offers flexibility for whichever team she represents at the next level. Rowbottom’s biggest focus area of improvement will be her kicking, particularly around the ground. Whilst she can get penetration, distance and kicks straight on, she will be wanting to get more consistency and placement from her kicks to truly round out her game. In addition to that, her goalkicking could do with a touch of polish to really consolidate the damage she deals. 



2021: “We’ve got Charlie Rowbottom, probably one of the most talented girls on our list at the moment." - Jy Bond, Oakleigh Chargers talent operations said. "Often getting extra attention as the season went on, she found ways to stay involved and will be better off for it in future. Representing Vic Metro as captain, she clearly has leadership attributes and may continue that at the next level." - Declan Reeve via "NAB League Girls season review: Oakleigh Chargers" "The powerful, tall inside midfielder has already proven to be a difficult player to try and contain across four quarters, able to win a game off her own boot when up and about. So strong in the air and at ground level, Rowbottom averaged 7.1 tackles to go with 17.6 disposals and 2.8 marks in season 2021, also booting 10 goals in 11 games. Her upside is one of the best in the draft crop, and her versatility makes her damaging. Her kicking both in-field and on goal is an area of improvement, but her ability to do all the hard stuff – from winning the ball, tackling and clunking the important marks – more than makes up for the ironing out process that will happen with time. An exciting talent for the future." - Peter Williams via "Draft Central AFLW Draft Power Rankings - Victorian Pool" "Metro’s skipper led from the front with an ominous display from midfield, constantly bustling her way forward with unstoppable straight-line strength. The Oakleigh Chargers product notched four clearances and eight inside 50s, indicative of her style of play. She was able to put her side on the front foot with irresistible burst from congestion, pushing aside would-be tacklers and often disposing of the ball with opponents still hanging off her. Rowbottom’s overhead marking was also on display, impacting around the ground with a couple of trademark contested clunks." - Michael Alvaro via "Top Performers: 2021 AFLW U19s Championships - Thursday, April 15" "Freed up to play forward over the last month, Rowbottom returned another powerhouse performance with her strength both in the air and at ground level on full show. The imposing Oakleigh skipper was near-impossible to beat in one-on-one situations, rising to take solid overhead marks and bullocking her way out of would-be tackles to create space where there usually wouldn’t be any. Her intent and physicality were evident from the start and while she was caught holding the ball on a couple of occasions, Rowbottom was key in setting the tone. One of the highlights of her day in that sense was a contested mark in term two, where she leapt into the flight of a high ball with Renee Tierney coming the other way." - Michael Alvaro via "Top Performers: 2021 NAB League Girls Grand Final"





2022Gold Coast837415718109486343224101108.37.415.
S7Gold Coast11586201241199155556231601011.58.620.

Coates Talent League Girls

2019Oakleigh Chargers2427511200160035064.
2020Oakleigh Chargers1572230052041227.53.511.
2021Oakleigh Chargers1266819431007820368101111.

AFLW U18 Championships

2021Vic Metro Girls21204160010191420210.510.
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