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Darcy Wilmot

height: 183cm

weight: 75kg

D.O.B: 31-12-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Medium Defender

SNAPSHOT: "A tenacious and brave half-back whose most flashy weapons show on the attack, as he breaks the lines with great speed and ball use."

Small-medium defenders can often be dime a dozen, but Darcy Wilmot is one with eye-catching points of difference. The Northern Knights rebounder blends flair and toughness with his pacy forward forays and astute intercept efforts, making for an exciting and well rounded game in defence. He represented Vic Metro at Under 16 level and repeated the feat in this year's Under 19 challenge match, continuing his rise towards top 20 status in 2021. As effectively the youngest player in the draft pool, born on December 31, Wilmot is one day off being ineligible and has plenty of development left in him.


+ Speed
+ Run-and-carry
+ Reading the play
+ Toughness
+ Voice


- Midfield craft
- Composure

It's difficult not to notice when Wilmot is afield - not just for his style of play, but also for his voice. The vocal defender has showcased terrific leadership quality among each team he has played in, organising his troops behind the ball and providing an encouraging presence to his teammates. While not overly imposing in a physical sense at 183cm, Wilmot's character and competitiveness are sure to let the opposition know he is there.

The 17-year-old is a player who performs above his size, too. As one of the tougher combatants in the crop, he holds his own at ground level but also impacts aerially. Wimot's reading of the play makes for sound positioning and timing, which is then capped by tenacious efforts to win the ball - including intercept marks going back with the flight. Not many are prepared to throw their frame in the way like Wilmot.

Looking at his attacking traits, dash and dare define the Northern product's rebounding nous. He looks to take the game on at every opportunity, snatching quick metres from the kick-ins, weaving around opponents and carrying the ball with confidence. His athleticism allows him to get out of tight spots, though he can sometimes work himself into such danger with his constant attacking intent.

With run-and-carry such a prominent part of his game, Wilmot does a lot of his work at pace. This sometimes sees him invite unnecessary pressure in unideal areas of the ground, forcing him into blazing kicks forward. While normally a classy user, Wilmot can do with a touch of composure in deciding when to go and when to hold back.

Another area the Vic Metro representative can develop is his midfield craft. While quite a versatile defender, capable of rolling up to a wing, using his burst of speed and toughness at the contest in midfield could add a nice string to his bow. He won a couple of centre bounce stints, but will likely start out as a defender and can hone that craft over time.



With the speed of the game at an all-time high and skilful running players in vogue, Wilmot is the type of prospect a few clubs will be in for at the end of the first round. His character is unflappable and he is a tough customer who also provides flair that fans love, making him a desirable talent in multiple aspects. With plenty of scope for improvement to go with his exciting attributes, Wilmot will push for top 20 honours and not last much longer than that.

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