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Felix Flockart

height: 202cm

weight: 80kg

D.O.B: 05-11-2001

Leagues: NAB League Boys

An over-ager under the new rules considering the NAB League went to an Under 19s competition, the recently turned 20-year-old was able to exercise his extra couple of years, and strength through the NAB League. Whilst still not a complete profile, and with ground level work to improve on, Flockhart is a player who can play both ruck and forward roles through his strength and ability to lead out, jump and mark. Flockart came into the season as one of the few over-agers, and showcased his strength both through his ruck positioning and when up forward, his shrewd leading patterns. He was not always dominant across four quarters, booting all three goals in one of his four games rotating with Max Heath. He has the size to be a genuine ruck at the top level, and whilst still raw in terms of building an athletic profile and impacting more around the ground, he has some solid ruck/forward traits to create interest among AFL clubs.


+ Ruck work
+ Strength
+ Leading patterns
+ Versatility


- Consistency
- Ground level work
- Exposure

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