Key Position Utility


Felix Fogaty

height: 198cm

weight: 84kg

D.O.B: 09-06-2004

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


+ Versatility
+ Marking
+ Upside


- Strength
- Consistency

Playing alongside potential number one pick Aaron Cadman, versatile GWV Rebels tall Felix Fogaty put his own hand up in the minds of clubs for the 2022 AFL Draft. Fogaty stands at 198cm and 76kg, and is still somewhat of a beanpole, but he does provide an aerial presence when forward. That was the role he seemed to thrive in, with less ruck craft than a specialist opposition ruck and therefore unable to influence games in the same way.

When inside 50, Fogaty was able to be that target, and even if not kicking goals, he could provide a contest, with his marking one of his better strengths that improved throughout the course of the season. His best game came against the Western Jets in Round 8, when Fogaty booted 3.1 from 15 disposals and seven marks to be a standout, but he also kicked a couple of majors in the Wildcard Round loss to Northern Knights.

Along with adding strength to his profile, Fogaty needs to improve his consistency somewhat, both within games and from match to match. At times he would record single-digit disposals and not hit the scoreboard, and others, he would be a presence inside 50 and as a marking tall. Another long-term prospect with some potential, Fogaty benefited from having Cadman beside him, but clubs may be enticed by his height and versatility.

AFL U18 Championships

2022Vic Country1141555900003025.

Coates Talent League Boys

2021GWV Rebels661220044031041.
2022GWV Rebels74561303600268602128116.
2023GWV Rebels2718458001400112055.
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