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Georgia Swan

height: 170cm


D.O.B: 22-08-2003

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships

Georgia Swan is a natural footballer with plenty of talent that allows her to fill a number of roles and impact games from various positions. Having been utilised on all three lines throughout her career, Swan is an incredibly versatile player. Her use both with and without the ball stands out, and she has been a member of Sturt's leadership group from a young age, showing her potential as a future captain down the track. At 20 years-old, Swan has plenty of football ahead of her.

Swan came through the South Australian Under 16s and Under 18s program and was highly rated internally and considered among the most coachable players going around. At a medium height of 170cm, it allows Swan to play a variety of roles and in 2023, it was a combination at both ends. She started the year in defence, and transitioned forward where in Round 6 against the Eagles, he slotted three goals. They would be three of her four majors for the season, but it gave her confidence as her numbers remained in double-digits bar one game.

Her production has always been on the lower side, but in 2023, Swan averaged 13.2 disposals at SANFL Women's level, a lift from 11.7. Her marking went up to an incredible 4.8 per game, which is phenomenal for a player who is not a tall as such. Swan's ball use and decision making underpins her game and those traits are what standout on the field.

Other than her production, the main knock on Swan is her speed, lacking that extra yard that others would have, and therefore potentially holding her back at the elite level. Like many others if clubs can overlook that element and assess the natural footballing ability, then Swan is a smart and dangerous player with or without the ball.


- Skills
- Decision making
- Versatility
- Footy smarts
- Work rate
- Aerial ability


- Production
- Speed

SANFL Women's League

2022Sturt Women's13331164500043064753149.

AFLW U18 Championships

2021South Australia Girls2193080060071037.
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