Gypsy Schirmer

height: 178cm


D.O.B: 18-02-2003

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships


Gypsy Schirmer is an athletic talent with huge upside and great versatility, capable of doing the impossible thanks to her footy smarts and goal sense.


  • Acceleration
  • Goal sense
  • Contested work
  • Overhead marking
  • Defensive pressure


  • Kicking consistency

Gypsy Schirmer was added to the AFL Women’s Academy for 2021 after an outstanding 2020 season which saw her catch the eye with her ability up forward. Determined to increase her versatility, Schirmer went from being a deep forward to a high half-forward and wing, then even spent time at half-back late in the season for South Adelaide.

Coming into South Australia’s side for the AFL Women’s Under 19 Championships, Schirmer averaged the 15.3 disposals and 5.3 tackles. What makes Schirmer so damaging is her ability to go in hard to win the contested ball, then use her breakaway speed to burn off opponents from the stoppage. Her ability to find the exit and get away from opponents is good, and whilst she is still developing further footy IQ down the field, Schirmer is incredibly clever around goals.

When speaking to the South Adelaide talent, Schirmer is looking to improve her fundamentals, starting with her kicking consistency, given she does all the hard things right from winning the ball, to getting away, and just needs to clean up the final execution. Her overhead marking - be it one-on-one or on the lead - is another impressive string to her bow, and despite playing on the wing in midfield, she has no troubles going inside if required.

Schirmer does not need a lot of the ball to do damage, and she lifted her numbers in 2021 with the positional change in the SANFL Women’s, and coupled with her two-way running style, Schirmer can be relied upon to fulfil any role on matchday.

No doubt the AFL Women’s Academy member will be a target for the Crows to futher strengthen their remarkable depth at the club, and given Schirmer has senior experience with the Panthers, expect her to be a player pushing for a spot early.



"The best footballers you see in the higher levels just do the basics really, really well so I think just for my own game, just to kind of developing my around the ground awareness but also trying to develop a bit of versatility as well,” she said. “Getting used to playing up forward, playing down back, playing in the mids, having it all covered so I get chucked into whatever program’s next, I can just kind of adapt to any situation I’m in.” - Gypsy Schirmer via "Schirmer's smooth transition into midfield" "AFLW U18 Academy member and South Australian U19 representative in 2021. Played mainly as a tall winger for South Adelaide this season and possesses excellent speed. Equally at home playing as a lead up forward. SANFLW Team of the Year in 2021." - Robbie Neill "The AFL Women’s Academy member played a variety of roles in 2021 after being a forward last year. Starting forward and then playing midfield, especially on the wing, Schirmer eventually transitioned into a defender, making her an all-round standout performer. Her athleticism – particularly her acceleration off the mark – and game sense was impressive, and the State Academy member earned a place in the SANFL Women’s Team of the Year on the wing, but it was her versatility that really shone this season." - Peter Williams via "2021 SANFLW team review: South Adelaide"

"Schirmer was a player who proved relatively consistent throughout the contest, but seemed to lift when the game was on the line. Roaming the wing, she was able to set up on the defensive side and was not sucked into South’s forward 50, but worked back well to win a good amount of ball. "She was clean and effective with most of her touches and used her size to impact defensively when required. One such instance resulted in a free kick against, where Schirmer laid a heavy tackle as she hunted a loose ball on the wing at the start of term three. "She hit the scoreboard with a quick shot on goal in the next quarter, sailing the ball home to bring South within striking distance of a remarkable comeback win. Another good moment late in the piece came as she got to a loose ball out of defensive 50 and showed great poise to help her side start a new chain of possession under pressure." - Michael Alvaro via "2021 Academy Watch: SANFL Women's Round 11"





SANFL Women's League

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AFLW U18 Championships

2021South Australia Girls222446400160144137.
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