Holly Ifould

height: 167cm


D.O.B: 02-09-2005

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships

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Holly Ifould is a talented winger with some impressive traits that catch the eye, and going forward it is more about rounding out her game to further complete her overall profile. Playing as a pure wing for South Adelaide this season in the SANFL Women’s, Ifould showed off her speed-endurance mix as well as her work rate to play some big games, while still having plenty of room to develop.


+ Speed
+ Outside game
+ Endurance
+ Aerial ability
+ Work rate
+ Short kicking
+ Upside


- Contested work
- Production
- Consistency


Ifould played 10 games in her bottom-age season for the Panthers, establishing herself in Rick Watts' side, before becoming an integral part of the outside midfield rotation. What stands out about Ifould is her ability to cover ground and work hard between the arcs, having lifted her production rate from 2022 to 2023 as she gained confidence.

That production still needs improvement going forward, as does her consistency, but her best stacks up. That best game for the State Academy against the SANFLW Under 23 All-Stars, where, with her side missing its top five players - AFLW Academy members - Ifould became a crucial part of the midfield rotation, winning the best on ground medal for her performance in a huge victory.

There are games where Ifould looks to break the match wide open and threatens to be a top-end winger, but there are also games where she can fade in and out of games. In preseason, Ifould admitted she was still learning the tricks and trade of the wing role, though came out in Round 1 and had a huge 19-disposal and six-mark game for the Panthers.

Her form fluctuated throughout the year, with seven of her 13 games reaching double-digit disposals, and six falling into single-digit touches. As a predominant winger, that production rate will be an area to lift but that will come with further development and experience in the role. However Ifould did make noticeable improvements through the year.

The South Adelaide winger became more confident with her overhead ability and backed herself more to take the game on after a mid-season slump in the SANFLW. When up and going, she spreads and finds space, darts forward and can hit targets well with her short passes. More of a neat pinpoint kick when going over that 15-30m, Ifould is able to assess her options well and provide short darts on those 45-degree angles to open up the game for her teammates.

She is far more effective when playing in that fashion over blazing away, and often she is able to deliver a dart, then push forward to be there for the next touch if required, showing her work rate. Though her production and consistency could improve - along with her contested rate, what she brings to a team is effective and important.


Ifould is a massive Port Adelaide fan, though given the strength of South Australia’s draft crop this season, it is likely the winger will look interstate for opportunities. She has developable traits, and is around the logjam of talents mid-draft. Even if she missed out this year, Ifould is a player who screams over-age talent with an extra year to develop and build that confidence to become even better.

Aerial ability
Outside game
Short field kicking
Work rate
Contested work

SANFL Women's League

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2023South Adelaide Women's95481433800250818110137.33.711.

AFLW U18 Championships

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