Hudson Garoni

height: 195cm

weight: 91kg

D.O.B: 14-01-2000

Leagues: Under 18s Championships, NAB League Boys

STRENGTHS: Contested marking, goal kicking, positioning, one-on-ones
IMPROVEMENTS: Athleticism, versatility, endurance

SUMMARY: Hudson Garoni dominated the TAC Cup in front of goal this season, sharing the Leading Goalkicker Award and being the big body inside 50 that the Bushrangers looked for throughout the year. He is not the most athletic player, and has areas to work on in order to build up his movement, but when he goes for his marks, he very rarely drops them. He clunks more contested marks than any other player in the TAC Cup, and is a reliable set shot for goal. He showed particularly later in the TAC Cup season that he has a high work rate, and lifted it significantly to push further up the ground. When one-on-one, Garoni often dominates smaller or skinnier opponents, and can bring the ball to ground for teammates. He is that hulking forward inside 50 that can provide a target in damaging places. For clubs without access to the top-end talls in the first round, Garoni offers some late value in terms of key position players.

NAB League Boys

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2018Murray Bushrangers15361214999611915106355381510.

Under 18s Championships

2017Vic Country000000000000000000000
2018Vic Country14822971413130434.
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