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Isabelle Starmer

height: 177cm


D.O.B: 25-10-1996

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, WAFL Women's

Crossing from Central District over the off-season, Starmer became the most prolific SANFLW ruck last season despite being just 177cm. She is a touch undersized for a ruck, and is more like a “fourth midfielder” who can win the ball and run with it. Looking at her work in transition, she could easily pull off looking like a non key position talent. Though there might be questions over her size and versatility,  Starmer has a body of work behind her, and is a latecomer to football. She is older than the other two at 25 years-old, but is also the most mobile of the three. She has a great leap and can match it with others, but is also a natural ball-winner. Hungry to reach the top level, Starmer is a player who switched clubs not just for work, but to see if a change up could help her fortunes. Though almost exclusively having played ruck over the journey, she has the traits that might see a club take a chance on her.


  • Vertical leap
  • Ruck work
  • Production
  • Defensive pressure
  • Aerial ability


  • Versatility

SANFL Women's League

2022Central District Women's123761995100692953530531210.36.316.64.324.65.80.396
2023North Adelaide Women's124952192600922413523911210.37.918.

WAFL Women's

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