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Jacinta Baldwick

height: 167cm


D.O.B: 14-11-2005

Leagues: AFLW U18 Championships, AFLW U17 Championships

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Jacinta Baldwick is an all-round handy player with some great eye-catching traits and the versatility to play in multiple positions. Throughout the course of the season, the Queenslander has played on the wing, inside and forward, and shown she can have an impact wherever she goes, holding her in good stead for the future. Though she has some areas that can further improve, her football skills speak for themselves.


+ Marking
+ Skills
+ Versatility
+ Work rate
+ Impact-per-possession
+ Scoreboard impact


- Explosive speed
- Production


Baldwick is a great player to develop for clubs as she is capable across a number of footballing facets. What stands out about the Coorparoo utility is the fact that she does not have a massive downside that will hold her back from competing at the next level. She might not have the explosive speed others have, and her production is a little lower compared to some in the same role, but she competes and holds her own.

From an aerial perspective, the 167cm top-ager is more than capable of clunking contested marks, and though on paper her stats - just 1.7 marks per game at the AFLW Under 18 Championships - might not jump off the page, she showed through her QAFLW matches that she was terrific one-on-one and safe in the air.

At ground level, Baldwick is clean and able to take the ball well, with her work rate up the field defying a lower 2km time trial score at the National Draft Combine. Though her endurance could improve, she covers the ground soundly, and is particularly busy within the forward half. To negate that lower endurance, Baldwick has little bursts from playing on the wing and then resting forward.

When she rests forward, Baldwick can impact the scoreboard, which is crucial for a dual position player. For Coorparoo, Baldwick had a day out against Maroochydore in Round 9. On that night, she booted five goals from 20 disposals and seven marks - two contested - holding her own against senior opponents. Her ability to sneak into the right positions allows her to get behind the defence and do damage on the scoreboard.

With ball-in-hand, Baldwick is a slick user, and can deliver by hand or foot well. Even when in contested situations, she is able to get out of it and distribute it forward. Her high impact-per-possession allows her to have a greater influence on matches than what her final disposal tally might suggest.

Given she did only average the 12.3 disposals at the national carnival, it shows there is room for growth, and Baldwick will be able to build on that with further improvements in her endurance, as well as her all-round athleticism.

Going forward, Baldwick is a player who will be able to work on those areas of her game, and it should lead to a greater output. Considering the high impact she can have on games as is, it will only make her all the more damaging.


Jacinta Baldwick is a really versatile talent both in her on-field positioning, and in her gamestyle. She can play outside, but win her own ball, and also go forward and impact in the air and at ground level. Even playing higher up the field she can be strategic in her movement and delivery inside 50. Overall, Baldwick should come into considerations in the later second round onwards, with enough in her game for clubs even outside Brisbane to take notice.

Scoreboard impact
Work rate

AFLW U18 Championships

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AFLW U17 Championships

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2023Lions Academy000000000000000000000
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