Jayme Harken

height: 1723cm


D.O.B: 04-01-1996

Leagues: WAFL Women's

Jayme Harken has been among the most consistent midfielders in the WAFL Women's, and coming off a career-best season in 2023, she remains a mature-age option for AFLW clubs. The soon-to-be 28-year-old showed she still has plenty in the tank with a move to Claremont from Subiaco not dulling her ability. In fact, she stepped up so much, she finished the year with the Dhara Kerr Medal for the league best and fairest. She averaged more than 20 disposals, three marks and four tackles per game, with the natural inside midfielder able to work to the outside.

Her game is helped by an elite endurance base, running a 17.4 yo-yo test in the preseason, which was the comfortably the best score across the nation - next best was 17.1. That, along with her strength at the coalface and ability to apply as much defensive pressure as she does winning the ball offensively, and Harken is an all-round threat.

Her kicking can be hit and miss at times, but her hands are as strong as anyone's, able to win it cleanly and shovel it out to teammates on the outside. She is often seen breaking through multiple tacklers, or fending off opponents before getting the ball clear. That allows her teammates to come into the game with the opponents she draws by just winning the hardball.

Harken has nominated nationally to give herself best chance at getting drafted, and while she might be nine years ahead of the top-age players in this draft, she could very easily compete for a Round 1 spot.


- Production
- Consistency
- Inside game
- Endurance
- Defensive pressure
- Strength


- Kicking consistency
- Scoreboard impact

Picture credit: via WAFC

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