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Jed Hagan

height: 175cm

weight: 73kg

D.O.B: 15-10-2004

Leagues: Under 18s Championships, WAFL Colts

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SNAPSHOT: “A player who has ticked every box in his junior career, Geraldton product Jed Hagan is a hard-working and accomplished utility with senior experience who presents as a value option on draft night.”

For keen watchers of junior football in Western Australia, there have been few more impressive players than Jed Hagan emerge through the ranks in recent seasons.

From breaking into the East Fremantle Colts side as a 15 year-old, to being an All-Australian at the Under 18 Championships and playing senior WAFL football, Hagan has just about ticked off every significant landmark that a junior player can in the state before being drafted.

After starting the year in the Colts and dominating in midfield, Hagan made the ascension to senior level after the state carnival where he showed his wares as a diligent half-forward in an East Fremantle side that made it all the way to a preliminary final.

He is one of hardest working players in the draft crop and despite being small in stature, his football nous and ability to execute the fundamentals of the game sees him firm as an astute pick-up for a club in the middle stages of the draft.


+ Consistency
+ Footy IQ
+ Short kicking
+ Tackling
+ Versatility
+ Work rate


- Hurt factor
- Speed

When analysing Hagan’s footballing ability, it is difficult to find too many glaring deficiencies. He is an extremely well-rounded player who has shown competence in all areas of the ground across his decorated junior career.

Hagan has proven to be a very consistent player who accumulates the football at will and uses it smartly, playing in a similar style to Richmond’s Liam Baker. When playing as an inside midfielder at Colts level, he put up big numbers and impressed with his clean skills and work rate to win plenty of the football post-contest. While he does not have the most penetrating kick, he is an efficient user of the ball, often looking to lower his eyes and honour the leading forward hitting up at him.

In a sign of what could be to come at AFL level, Hagan shows he has what it takes to play a role at either end of the ground. For Western Australia, he split his time as a half-forward and small defender to demonstrate his versatility, and performed well enough in those roles to earn All-Australian honours.

On return for East Fremantle at League level, Hagan continued to work on his craft as a half-forward and showed good signs, averaging 13 touches, four tackles and a goal per game in what is widely regarded as the hardest position on the field to play.

His preliminary final against Claremont demonstrated all his best attributes. While his team were getting soundly beaten, Hagan showed excellent work rate to get up to the stoppage and apply terrific forward pressure before working back hard offensively and using his adept kicking inside 50 to spot up targets and hit the scoreboard himself. Under the heat of a state league final, it was a terrific game and one that resembles the sort of performance Hagan could produce at an AFL club early in his career.

Hagan also possesses a huge amount of football smarts for a player of his age and clearly knows his own game inside out. He is a player who makes good decisions ball in hand and employs simple but effective techniques such as protecting the drop zone and using his body well around the ball to ensure he is never out of the contest.

There is perhaps a question mark on what Hagan’s ceiling could be at the top level, given he is not the most athletically gifted player in terms of speed and size. Coupled with the fact that he is a neat, but not penetrating or line-breaking kick, Hagan’s ability to hurt the opposition with each of his possessions is also something he will continue to work on.

But there is always room for who is player who is as smart, hard-working and composed as Hagan and he looks to be the sort of character, given his extensive experience playing against kids older and more experienced then him, that should have few issues adapting to the demands of AFL football.



Given Hagan’s extensive football acumen and his proven form at every level he has played this season, it is surprising that he is not a more highly touted as a top prospect. Nonetheless, for a club looking to strike gold in the second or third rounds, they should look no further than Hagan because despite his limitations as a player, he is the consummate professional who has as good a chance as any to carve out a successful AFL career.

Footy IQ
Work rate
Short kicking
Hurt factor

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