East PerthEast PerthMidfielder, Medium Defender


Jessica Rentsch

height: 172cm


D.O.B: 11-10-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, Coates Talent League Girls, AFLW U18 Championships

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Jess Rentsch is an exciting prospect with outstanding athleticism and leadership that has her hallmarked as a potential first round selection. The GWV Rebels skipper overcame a serious leg injury last year to build form in 2023 and finish off with her best performance in the final round of the Talent League Girls season. The GWS GIANTS fan is one with high upside for the future while being able to tweak certain aspects of her game.


+ Explosive speed
+ Run-and-carry
+ Defensive pressure
+ Versatility
+ Kicking penetration
+ Strength
+ Upside


- Composure
- Kicking consistency


Rentsch showed some promising signs as a bottom-ager for the Rebels last season, standing up as a highly athletic talent with upside. Though not always consistent, she had that explosive speed which held her in great stead for the future. After being selected for the Under 17s Futures game, Rentsch's day ended early after breaking her leg, an injury that would keep her in recovery across the off-season.

Fortunately for the top-ager, she was able to return for Round 1 of the Talent League Girls season, and after starting 2023 as a half-back, progressed onto the wing and then into the middle. She gained confidence as the year went on, and soon justified her place as a genuine first round prospect.

What stands out about Rentsch is her outstanding speed off the mark, and also her ability to take the ball at top speed and not break stride. Her run and carry she provides for her side is eye-catching and with ball-in-hand, her main aim is to build up metres gained to open up the opposition on transition. Without the ball, she still uses that explosive speed to full advantage, laying a high number of tackles to put pressure on the ball carrier.

In terms of her disposal, Rentsch is a penetrating kick by foot, and she showed it in the final round against Bendigo Pioneers, launching three goals, including two from 50m out on the run. A naturally long kick, Rentsch is still tidying up the consistency by foot, as well as her composure with ball-in-hand at times. As with any speedy player, Rentsch can run into trouble, but she stands up in tackles and can get a handball away cleanly.

A couple of huge defensive acts late in the game against Western Australia in the AFLW Under 18 Championships stood out and effectively won her Vic Country team the match, while her offensive performance against the Pioneers - which featured 27 disposals and three goals - caught the eye for obvious reasons.

Rentsch is a very aggressive half-back who loves to run and gun down the field, which is important given her strengths. Once she can further improve that composure and consistency by foot, Rentsch can take her game to another level. With her strength, ability to play inside, outside or off half-back, the GWV Rebels skipper has plenty of upside that will hold her in good stead for the elite level.


Jess Rentsch is likely to be popular amongst AFLW clubs for her athletic traits and clear upside. She is among the top 20 prospects across the country and will have suitors looking to add her to their side and slot into whatever role they see fit thanks to her versatility.

Defensive pressure
Kicking penetration
Kicking consistency [reference to execution]

WAFL Women's

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Coates Talent League Girls

2022GWV Rebels66198570053001413097.
2023GWV Rebels1226518713006900452741210.25.415.

AFLW U18 Championships

2023Vic Country Girls157225131070354035.
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