Joe Pike

height: 203cm


D.O.B: 17-05-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


+ Clean hands
+ One-on-ones
+ Ruck craft
+ Strength


- Decision making
- Forward craft

Geelong Falcons big man Joe Pike cuts an imposing figure at 203cm and 97kg, and boasts some of the cleanest hands for a player of his size. Though he is still raw when it comes to consistency and decision making, his natural contested marking ability along with his and ruck craft make him a late-draft  or developable rookie option.

Pike is somewhat of a confidence player, and at times can get a little lost around the ground, but in full flight, he is leaping and clunking marks or tapping it down seamlessly to teammates. His one-on-one ability is strong, and as a whole, he has the traits to work with going forward.

Though his consistency and decision making at times need improving - hence his State Draft Combine invite over National - Pike does have those traits that with patience, could develop into a strong marking option at the top level. He developed his forward craft as the year progressed too, and is adding strings to his bow.


AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country5611385743513031.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022Geelong Falcons2429531800101450102192.
2023Geelong Falcons9950149330035329042118137.63.811.52.525.32.70.674
2024Geelong Falcons52247617001912201563413.
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