Scouting Notes: Young Guns vs. Vic Country

THE 2024 Young Guns series came to a close on Sunday, as the squad of mid-season draft hopefuls defeated Vic Country by 69 points to complete a two-game sweep at Highgate Recreation Reserve. We took note of some of the top prospects and performers from either side.

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YOUNG GUNS 19.12 (126) def. VIC COUNTRY 9.3 (57)


#1 Tom Hanily (Gippsland Power)
Midfielder | 178cm | 31-05-2005

Was prominent around the ball for most of the day, showing his great football IQ and proving very composed with his kicking. Hanily was strong around the contest despite being undersized and backed himself to crack in. He ran and moved well, providing an option for teammates, delivering the ball into dangerous spots inside 50, and always applying defensive pressure. Had a shot on goal on the run from an angle which ultimately ended up hitting the post.

#3 Tarkyn O’Leary (Sandringham VFL)
Wing | 178cm | 01-07-2005

O’Leary backed himself with his speed and running ability numerous times throughout the game, especially early on to hit up Maclean which led to a goal. He showed great closing speed and excellent clean ball use by foot, finishing with two goals for the game – both from snaps.

#4 Oskar Smartt (Essendon VFL)
Midfielder/Forward | 180cm | 26-10-2005

Smartt started in the midfield where his layer one and layer two work were elite at the stoppages. He covered the ground exceptionally well with his strong aerobic underpinnings where he got into space and delivered the ball beautifully when composed, yet at other times the ball was kicked into no man’s land. He had a much quieter second half however his defensive pressure throughout the game was exceptional. Among his highlights was a mark essentially taken on ground in the goalsquare during the last quarter to goal from a set shot.

#6 Ryan Brodie (Calder Cannons)
Defender | 182cm | 08-05-2005

Set the tone early defensively, providing dash out of defence and cutting off plays with his intercepting ability. Brodie used the ball well out of defence and pushed up the ground aggressively, delivering it into hot spots inside 50 especially late in the game.

#8 Dayten Uerata (Bendigo Pioneers)
Midfielder | 184cm | 28-10-2005

Uerata’s layer two work at stoppages was strong and hd took risks throughout the game. His kicking for goal on the run needs work, however his set shot kicking for goal was sound. He worked hard throughout the game to be creative and generate scoring opportunities, including using his running ability to get involved in chains of play.

#9 Cooper Lord (Sandringham Dragons)
Midfielder | 184cm | 20-03-2005

Ball delivery inside 50 was good via foot, however put his teammates in trouble at times with his disposal by hand. Lord’s layer two work again was excellent and he showed a strong tackling technique. While the midfielder dropped simple marks, he was great at ground level – always burrowing to the bottom of packs – and also managed to show great evasiveness and second efforts.

#13 Ry Cantwell (Eastern Ranges)
Forward/Wing | 187cm | 16-08-2005

Moved well for the whole game and showed good speed, though at times fumbled the ball in full flight. Cantwell played a key linking role in the forward line, he had a hand in many score involvements and judged his set shots exceptionally well, especially with the wind. He managed to find space easily to mark the ball from quick kicks into the forward line and intercepted nicely too.

#18 Cooper Trembath (Eastern Ranges)
Key Defender | 193cm | 17-10-2005

The big key defender’s aerial ability was on display and he managed to use his excellent play reading to clunk a few intercept marks. Trembath used his kicking to switch the play and switch it well, and was strong in the contest defusing a few forward thrusts with his efforts to crash the packs. He worked hard right until the end to continue his defensive efforts despite the scoreline blowing out in favour of the Young Guns.

#21 Remy MacLean (Eastern Ranges)
Key Forward | 196cm | 14-10-2005

MacLean provided excellent leading patterns with sound presentation at the ball and showed clean hands with his overhead marking ability. He has a great set shot kick with the traditional way and also works the snap shot nicely. The big man found space quite easily and his second efforts were there, though he could perhaps have judged his set shots a little bit better – especially with the wind.

#24 Joe Pike (Geelong Falcons)
Ruck/Forward | 203cm | 17-05-2005

Along with Illro Smit, Pike took control of the ruck where he used his leap to win the ruck contests and gave his midfielders first use of the ball more often than not, while also winning his own clearances. Versatile enough to play in the forward line, his leading patterns were strong and he managed to finish with three goals for the day, with sound set shot kicking holding him in good stead.

Cooper Hynes launches a kick | Image Credit: Josh Chadwick/AFL Photos


#2 Harry Charleson (GWV Rebels)
Defender | 182cm | 26-06-2006

Showed excellent dash and poise out of defence and read the ball off the packs well, taking up good positions behind the ball. His kicking was solid, though was ineffective at times, and Charleson showed great defensive pressure and strong tackling. He was excellent overhead, took risks and brought others into the game where possible.

#9 Joe Berry (Murray Bushrangers)
Forward | 180cm | 18-04-2006

Berry started up forward with good defensive pressure which was a key to Vic Country’s strong start. He kicked a great long goal in the first quarter from getting on the end of some excellent ball movement. Was composed with his ball use, especially in traffic, taking the game on and proving prominent around the contest all day. He found space easily to kick a great long goal to finish with two for the day, being his side’s only multiple goalkicker.

#10 Cooper Hynes (Dandenong Stingrays)
Midfielder | 190cm | 28-02-2006

Was Vic Country’s most prominent performer all day with his work in the contest and clearances, showing quick hands to distribute the ball to his teammates. Hynes’ delivery by foot inside 50 can improve, however he did get it into the hot spot inside 50. He covered the ground exceptionally with a great work rate and his follow up work was good, however he did put his teammates under pressure with some of his disposal.

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