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Kaitlyn Srhoj

height: 175cm


D.O.B: 10-07-2005

Leagues: WAFL Women's, AFLW U18 Championships

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Kaitlyn Srhoj is one of the more talked about West Australian AFLW Draft prospects this year, having come into the season as a highly touted talent, and showing glimpses of what she is capable of. Describing herself as far from the “finished product”, Srhoj has plenty to like, and to work on, which makes her an intriguing utility to watch.


+ Aerial ability
+ Versatility
+ Evasion
+ Endurance
+ Footy IQ
+ Defensive pressure


- Composure
- Consistency


Srhoj has a terrific point of difference compared to many other inside-outside midfielders in the sense that she is so strong overhead and can take a stack of marks. While many are better at ground level than in the air, the Peel Thunder top-ager does her best work over her head, and she showed that both through the WAFLW and particularly AFLW Under 18 Championships.

From the moment she stepped into the Peel Thunder League side last year, it was evident Srhoj had some special talents. She easily adapted to the top level, and while there were areas of her game that could still improve, she played 10 games and averaged 3.2 marks playing as a specialist winger. Following her year - where she also represented the Black Ducks at the national championships - Srhoj earned a spot in the Under 17s Futures game.

Running out on GMHBA Stadium, Srhoj earned MVP honours for her side, to really announce herself as a top-end prospect for 2023. That game, along with representing the AFLW Academy at Marvel Stadium, were some of her best performances across the last 18 months, showing she could match it with the best of the best. Her ceiling is incredibly high, and one area to improve is lifting that floor in terms of consistency.

Admitting she is a confidence player, Srhoj had some big games and some quiet games over the journey, particularly through the state league, with Peel struggling more in 2023. She suffered what looked to be a bad injury in her first game of the season, but returned within a few weeks and escaped serious damage. From there, she played some good football, and while still having some ups and downs, maintained a place among the top 20 players in the country.

Athletically, Srhoj is ultra-impressive on-field, and she weaves through traffic well before distributing by hand. Her evasion ability along with her high-level endurance allows her to run all day and play the wing role to perfection. Those traits, along with her aerial ability make her a hue threat to the opposition, and she can still further improve.

One of those areas of improvement is in her composure by foot, with Srhoj subject to blazing away and then having to rush her kicking. Though impressive by hand and even in traffic, when she is under pressure, Srhoj can tend to put the ball to space rather than a direct teammate. Though not a massive concern, it is an area she can further tighten up on.

With greater confidence and consistency, Srhoj can round out her game nicely, and given her suite of strengths, she will be a highly sought after prospect. Even though she regards her groundballs as another area of improvement, that is more about her confidence and consistency, because when she is up and going, she is a huge danger.


Kaitlyn Srhoj is a first round prospect on talent alone, and looking to nominate nationally puts her in the frame for a variety of teams. The talented midfielder could be sought after as an inside midfielder, winger or half-back flanker, and with her room for growth in her game, Srhoj is one who will only get better with time in an elite program.

Aerial ability
Defensive pressure
Footy IQ

WAFL Women's

2022Peel Thunder6858130320017001802106.85.813.
2023Peel Thunder497612521003600140095.48.413.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022Western Australia Girls141327700150380134.
2023Western Australia Girls22305214213440270037.310.
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