Small Forward


Lachlan Charleson

height: 177cm

weight: 74kg

D.O.B: 29-01-2005

Leagues: AFL U18 Championships, Coates Talent League Boys


+ Defensive pressure
+ Ground level game
+ Intensity
+ Speed


- Consistency
- Conversion

One of the best pressure forwards in this year's draft pool, Lachlan Charleson has traits that aren’t too dissimilar to West Coast's Noah Long. The pair share share a similar path as primarily inside midfielders that developed as small forwards in their top-aged seasons. Charleson approaches the footy inside 50 like he’s at a stoppage, hitting the ball at 100 per cent when it hits the deck and happily taking out any opponent in his way before looking to quickly dish the ball off. Celebrating big and getting under his opponents' skin is another trademark Charleson trait.

He has developed rapidly as a forward, kicking 17 of his 24 Talent League goals for the season in his final five games with less rotation into the midfield, able to show his ability as a marking option as well. His best effort was a bag of eight against Bendigo Pioneers in Round 16. Whilst a goal kicking return of 24.14 reads quite nicely, Charleson may look to refine his set shot routine to maximise his opportunities in front of the sticks, while also building some consistency when playing at higher levels given his impact reduced when playing for Vic Country this year.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie

AFL U18 Championships

2023Vic Country1882631016130280136.

Coates Talent League Boys

2022GWV Rebels10265167240044002356119.35.915.
2023GWV Rebels1518924022004000384241311.66.818.
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