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Lily Whitcombe

height: 173cm


D.O.B: 02-03-2005

Leagues: SANFL Women's League, AFLW U18 Championships

Sturt defender Lily Whitcombe has been a fundamental part of both the Double Blues and South Australian backlines over the past two years. Having locked down her role as a nullifying defender, the top-ager has not always been able to shine from an individual perspective, but continually went about her business taking key scalps across both levels. At 173cm, Whitcombe can play on talls and smalls.

Whitcombe's one-on-one ability and composure in defence stands out when she is mopping up in the back half, and as a whole, she has some impressive footbballing skills. Due to the role she has played over the last couple of years, she has not been able to win more than a handful of touches each game, with a 2023 SANFLW season high of nine for the Double Blues. That production rate and playing in the same role means there is still a lot of unknown regarding Whitcombe.

Still, looking at her game, she plays to her strengths, beats her opponent and then is able to dispose of it cleanly from defence to a teammate. Despite not being the flashiest player, Whitcombe is a low-risk user and one who can be relied upon to hit targets with the next possession. For a team searching for a player who can both beat her opponent and then not turn the ball over on the rare occasion they win it, then Whitcombe has proven herself to be successful in that role.


- One-on-ones
- Defensive accountability
- Decision making
- Kicking
- Composure


- Production
- Versatility

SANFL Women's League

2022Sturt Women's452570180019003160123.
2023Sturt Women's55197418002002160124.

AFLW U18 Championships

2022South Australia Girls1161710070104033.
2023South Australia Girls16420491110005035.
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