Mac Andrew

height: 200cm

weight: 70kg

D.O.B: 12-04-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Ruck/Key Forward

SNAPSHOT: "An athletic ruck capable of just about anything, with ridiculous athleticism and versatility around the ground."

Mac Andrew is a Melbourne Next-Generation Academy (NGA) member, and one of the most exciting players in the 2022 AFL Draft crop. Whilst Andrew is tied to the Demons, it seems a foregone conclusion that he will not be in red and blue next year, having had an outstanding season despite it being cut short. From his 22-disposal debut against Gippsland Power through to another impressive showing against Eastern Ranges in his final game, the Dandenong Stingrays ruck/forward produced plenty of highlights. His vertical leap and athleticism helped him often dominate ruck contests, and whilst he still remains a raw talent with a very lightly-built frame, Andrew has enormous upside for the future.


+ Vertical leap
+ Athleticism
+ Upside
+ Clean hands
+ Ruck work
+ Versatility


- Raw
- Strength

Andrew has shot up from having plenty of potential to being a genuine lock for Top 10. Under the new NGA rules that came into play this year, it means Melbourne cannot match a bid for Andrew if it comes inside the Top 20 picks, meaning regardless of his Academy status, he will be a free agent in the first round. The high-leaping ruck/forward might have varied opinions on where he sits, and how his current ability stacks up against what he could produce. The fact he had a 22-disposal game in Round 1, and has had a fairly consistent output all year aside from an injury in the first 10 minutes against Bendigo Pioneers, is promising. Otherwise, Andrew picked up double-digit disposals in every game and whilst still raw with his fundamentals at time, he has the ability to get to the right spots and win the ball in transition.

The Stingrays tall is certainly more impactful as a ruck, with his high-leaping ability allowing him to easily get first hands to it and execute set plays to the point where opposition midfielders were trying to read his taps and shark the hitouts. Up forward, he only kicked the couple of goals in the NAB League, but his leaping ability and speed lends to being a leading target, and at 200cm, that is every defender's nightmare. The big improvement for Andrew other than adding muscle to his 70kg frame, is just ironing out his fundamentals some more, which in turn will help with his consistency in aspects of his game. He can loose his footing at times when scooping up the ball, and whilst he is able to put the ball into the right areas for teammates by foot, is not always pinpoint with his disposal.

Andrew has some impressively quick hands, which he uses to flick the ball onto teammates, and can get it done at ground level as well as aerially. Whilst his frame means he will not be able to step into AFL until the long-term, the club that drafts him will understand he will be a project player, and one of high-level upside. If his fundamentals and strength can improve, with his athleticism, vertical leap and clean hands, Andrew will be a very damaging player, and one who will be difficult to contain. He has a bit to build on to get there, but what he has shown is nothing short of impressive, and it is easy to see why clubs with Top 10 picks are queuing up.



Mac Andrew is a raw ruck/forward with plenty of upside who is expected to go in the Top 10 picks on AFL Draft night. There is even some conjecture he might go in the Top 5, and whilst he is an incredibly raw talent to go that high, the foundations and potential of Andrew make him one of the brightest prospects for the future, and in a draft light-on with quality talls, Andrew presents a point of difference with his ability to play ruck or forward.


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