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Miller Bergman

height: 188cm

weight: 65kg

D.O.B: 25-01-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Medium Utility

SNAPSHOT: "One of the most versatile players in the draft crop, offering weapons in his overhead marking and kick penetration on each line."

Miller Bergman is one of the most versatile players in the AFL Draft crop, having played on all three lines from deep in defence, to attack and along a wing as well. Standing at 188cm, Bergman is a good size with nice upside as well, but weighing in at just 65kg at season's start, Bergman is still very lightly framed. This lends itself to an outside game, and his areas of improvement are built around bulking up and also being a little more composed at times under pressure, but his strengths are incredibly eye-catching.


+ Agility
+ Outside game
+ Penetrating kick
+ Marking
+ Versatility


- Composure
- Strength
- Inside game

Bergman is a rare prospect in this year's AFL Draft, having taken the kickouts, but also averaged a goal a game at NAB League level for the Stingrays. He is a smooth mover with some terrific athletic traits, able to sidestep opponents or burst away, then use his delightful foot skills to advantage. What sets him apart from many other impressive users is the fact that he has pinpoint kicking, with penetration. He is able to take the risky kick inboard, and it usually pays off, with his vision and decision making more often than not a big plus for the tall utility.

One of the areas of improvement that would be good to see would be his composure, and this is mostly when under pressure. Playing on his terms, Bergman can do so much damage, but opposition sides are unlikely to allow him to use his foot skills to advantage with so much room to move. When under pressure, Bergman can sometimes opt to rush a handball or give off the first option, rather than take the extra half-second. Given he usually makes good decisions with ball in hand, it is not a massive deficiency in his game, but better composure can also see him avoid fumbling a ground ball under pressure.

Other than that, it is all about building his strength and inside game. He will likely always be utilised in that outside role given his strengths - which are not too dissimilar to Paul Seedsman - though adding an extra string to his bow through an inside presence would help him develop his game further. This will only come with adding more kilograms to his light frame, and whilst he might need to do that to compete at senior level anyway, he has the upside to develop into a smooth-moving outside talent.

DRAFT RANGE: Late/Rookie


Miller Bergman is a talented mover who can play any outside role on the ground. His foot skills allow him to play in defence and along a wing, with his penetrating kick also doing damage to opposition zones. Throw in his marking - he averaged 4.6 marks per game for the Stingrays - and he can certainly provide a target as well. His set shot goalkicking, whilst not vital for his game, is also reliable and he converted well with a record of 7.1 for the season, and those goals coming in three different games.

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