SubiacoSubiacoSmall Forward


Richard Farmer

height: 175cm

weight: 72kg

D.O.B: 16-07-2003

Leagues: WAFL Colts

Image Credit: Will Russell/AFL Photos

POSITION: Small Forward

Speedy Subiaco small Richard Farmer is one for West Coast fans to keep an eye on, as he is part of the Eagles’ Next Generation Academy - although not yet officially nominated. The nephew of former Fremantle and Melbourne livewire Jeff mixed his time between the Lions and Hale School in 2021, earning stints in midfield but looking most dangerous in the forward half.

Farmer brings energy to the play and weaves around opponents to make things happen on the attack. Able to work up the ground and hurt the opposition on the way back, he boasts sharp skills and handy tricks in his bag which are eye-catching when used effectively. Like many small forwards, putting his best form together more consistently and adding size are among his areas for improvement.


+ Speed
+ Skills
+ Evasion
+ X-factor


- Size
- Consistency

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