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Youseph Dib

height: 174cm

weight: 76kg

D.O.B: 25-03-2003

Leagues: NAB League Boys

POSITION: Small Utility

SNAPSHOT: “Dib has proven himself to be one of the more versatile prospects in the 2021 draft pool, playing across all thirds of the ground to a high level”

Collingwood Next Generation Academy (NGA) candidate Youseph Dib has performed at every level he’s played, even back in the Under 16 national championships where he earnt himself All Australian honours. Dib is one of the few 18-year-old prospects to have played at VFL level this year, running out four times for Collingwood, averaging nine disposals and kicking 4.3 playing predominantly as a small forward. On top of such runs on the board as a forward, Dib’s performances for the Chargers in the midfield and the backline have also been promising, giving Pies fans plenty to get excited about.


+ Versatility
+ Agility
+ Toughness
+ Tackling
+ Ground balls


- Size
- Kicking Consistency

Dib, a small utility tied to Collingwood's NGA, has consistently stepped up to the level of competition he’s played over the years, never looking out of place whether employed in the NAB League, VFL or for Vic Metro. His ability to be a ‘plug and play’ type made him a rare asset at each level, and one who used his core traits to adapt quickly in different situations. Dib has been used in all thirds of the ground across the year, but arguably looks his best in the forward line where he can best utilise his creativity, zip, and ground level nous.

In the elite system, Dib’s versatility will be his biggest advantage when looking to break into an AFL side, having played all across the ground and looking quite comfortable in any position. His work rate to apply pressure and tackle means the opposition never has an easy possession when he's around, and Dib is as competitive as anyone despite his stature. Standing at just 174cm, the 18-year-old may be made a small forward at the next level, and his size may limit how much midfield time he’ll be able to play.

There has also been recent success in some smaller players employed in defence at AFL level, with the likes of Caleb Daniel leading the way. While a different player to Daniel, Dib could also fill a role in the backline with the aforementioned work rate and tackling strength already at high levels. However, he would first need to find some more consistency in his use by foot, where he can be prone to floating his kicks or grubbing them along the ground. He has the positive trait of being dual-sided, but can certainly sharpen his execution going forward from the contest.

Dib’s athletic traits are eye-catching, with his speed and agility making him a tricky opponent to prevent moving around the ground or through the contest. In congestion, he can step around opponents with ease and move the ball on once he gets space, where his instinct to use either side of his body when disposing of the ball allows him to do some remarkable things. Despite his height, Dib also has quite a mature build and is capable of winning contested ball. He even seems to thrive off it and is pretty powerful among the thing of things.



Dib has the safety net of being tied to an AFL club already, and his eligibility has somewhat flown under the radar given how much attention is sent the way of Oakleigh teammate and Collingwood father-son candidate, Nick Daicos. In an ideal world, the Magpies will be able to pick up Dib as a rookie, though some clubs may be tempted to place a bid in the incredibly even National Draft given his competitiveness, versatility, and athletic attributes.

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