2019 New Zealand Super Club: Young players to watch

WITH a host of marquee players named for the Super Club test series we look at an up and coming player from each of the eight teams competing. For the likes of invitational teams in particular – Magpies (Suncorp Super Netball) and Wasps (Vitality Netball Superleague) – some of the players will be a relatively unknown quantity, and are considered the young and developing players of their respective countries.

Northern Mystics: Grace Nweke – GS

Nweke broke onto the scene midway through the 2019 season and will be wanting to replicate her hot form in the Super Club to really put her name on the map. Nweke is a strong talented shooter who moves with ease and puts up a high volume of shots. Nweke could be the difference for the Mystics in this tournament given she is a fairly unknown quantity for the international teams and is a developing player in New Zealand. Nweke can stand up under pressure, often unfazed by the physical nature of her defenders and thinks her way through the pressure.

Northern Stars: Mila Reuelu-Buchanan – WA/C

A dynamic midcourter who has speed to burn and is an exciting prospect for New Zealand, able to break lines with her quick ball movement to shake the defence. She started to become more confident throughout the 2019 season and will be aiming to bring that same intensity and excitement into the Super Club. Reuelu-Buchanan works hard across the court running both ways to re-offer around the circle edge and deliver carefully crafted passes into the circle.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic: Holly Fowler – WD/GD

Fowler will be looking to prove her worth at her new club after making the switch from the Northern Stars. She has plenty of X-factor about her with her impressive aerial ability to pick off errant passes and read the play to have an impact across the court. She could be a game changer throughout the tournament if given enough time to find her feet and build up a connection with her teammates. Fowler’s versatility is another key aspect of her game while her transition work is equally as important, coming out hard to receive the ball and bring it down the court.

Central Pulse: Tiana Metuarau – GS/GA

Despite being in her fifth year at the club the 19-year-old is a raw talent filled with plenty of potential and skill and will benefit from further court time. She is a smooth mover and can have an impact under the post when called upon and most importantly will be hoping to prove herself on the big stage against some key defenders. Metuarau is crafty in the attacking third able to dish off passes into her fellow goaler and swing the defenders’ heads with her quick ball movement. Expect her to come out all guns blazing and assert herself on the competition.

Mainland Tactix: Kimiora Poi – C/WA

Despite being on the international radar for a while now Poi is still only 22 and has plenty to give. She showed glimpses of her brilliance throughout the 2019 season in both the ANZ Premiership and Suncorp Super Netball highlighting just how damaging she can be. Poi has speed to boot, can find space with ease and exploit opposition weaknesses with her give and go ability. The talented midcourter backs herself across the court and can switch between the positions with ease, so will want to bring that strong form into the Super Club tournament.

Southern Steel: Kate Heffernan – C/WD/WA

The 20-year-old midcourter offers plenty of class across the court and paired with her strength and versatility she is shaping up to be a real star of the future. Heffernan uses her height to full advantage applying strong three-foot marking to block her oppositions’ vision and cause headaches. Credit to her athleticism and ability she can get hands to ball and cause a disruptive influence through the midcourt to stop the ball hitting circle edge.

Collingwood Magpies: Brooke Allan – GK/GD

The talented defender is a real excitement machine, able to turn a game on its head with her flair and defensive pressure. Allan poses a constant threat down in defence thanks to her commanding height and lean over the shot. She makes her opponent work for the ball, clogging up the space and forcing turnovers such is her pressure. With limited experience with the Magpies she will be hoping to have an immediate impact when on court and use her defensive assets to full affect.

Wasps Netball: Alexia Baker – GA/GS

The former Queensland Firebirds training partner has made the big move to play with the Wasps and will be aiming to have an immediate impact for her new squad. She has talent to boot but is a very raw prospect that has not gained much court time in Australia. If she can hone in her craft and really lift her game play to the next level to pair with her strong timing and silky movement Baker could pose a real threat in years to come.

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