2022 SSN Season Review: GIANTS Netball

THE 2022 Suncorp Super Netball season has come to an end, so let us now take a look back at each team’s season in retrospect. Today’s team in review is the GIANTS Netball, who finished third in 2022.

The GIANTS were really put to the test in 2022.

Although Covid affected most teams in one way or another, it hit the team in orange particularly hard.

A bad Covid outbreak early in the season meant it was a bit of a shaky start to the campaign, but once they got going, it was a big improvement.

They were one of the most dangerous sides for much of the season, and thanks to some brilliant work from some of their stars, they were one of the teams to beat all year.

The GIANTS kept building as the season progressed, and ultimately finished third on the ladder.

They were clinical in their win against Collingwood in the minor semi final, and although they pushed the Vixens right to the wire in the Preliminary Final, they ended up running out of time to fully close the gap.

Although we will never know what would have happened if Covid had not affected them as badly as it did early in the season, but it is hard to not wonder how many more wins the GIANTS could have had if the outbreak had not occurred.


It is hard to go past their Round 6 victory over the Fever.

Yes the Fever did not have two of their stars, but their most dangerous players were playing that day. Also, it was the Fever who got out to an early lead, but the GIANTS reeled them and went on to be one of only two teams all season to defeat the eventual champions.


When talking about the stand out players for the GIANTS this season, it is hard to go past captain Jo Harten. The Roses star had another stellar season, and her accurate shooting from both regular and super shot range got her side out of a sticky situation on a number of occasions.

There were also several other GIANTS that flew under the radar to an extent but also had stellar seasons, including the likes of Amy Parmenter, Maddie Hay and Matilda McDonell.


Unlike many of the other sides, there will be zero changes to the GIANTS’ squad of 10 heading into next season. The team in orange were very quick post season to sign up all remaining players that were coming out of contract.

That is going to help team chemistry, so things are looking up for the GIANTS in 2023. They just need to keep Covid out of camp!

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