2022 VNSL club preview: Wasps Netball

HAVING lost a couple of international talents over the off-season, Wasps Netball will look to utilise its youth, having replaced a number of players with fresh faces. Wasps only finished five points adrift of the top four, and most importantly had a superior goal difference to fourth with a massive plus-80, and they will be looking to take that next step in 2022.

>> VNSL 2022 Team preview: Wasps Netball

2022 SQUAD:


Rachel Fee (GD/GK)
Becky Gentle (GD/WD)
Josie Huckle (GD/GK)
Ella Powell-Davies (GD/WD)
Christina Shaw (GD/GK)


Iona Christian (C/GA/WA)
Leah Goss (C/WD)
Lauren Nicholls (C/GD/WD)
Caroline Tarnowski (C/WD)


Gezelle Allison (GA/GS)
Rachel Dunn (GA/GS)
Ellie Gibbons (GA/WA)
Lucy Parize (GA/GS/WA)
Megan Thorne (GA/GS)

Wasps Netball will be without the likes of Fran Williams and Hannah Leighton who have both departed, with the side bringing in some fresh faces such as Shaw in defence, whilst Parize and Nicholls add depth to the shooting circle. The Wasps have plenty of versatility in their lineup, and could mix and match each week, with plenty of combinations.


R1: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R2: vs. Strathclyde Sirens
R3: vs. Severn Stars
R4: vs. London Pulse
R5: vs. Manchester Thunder
R6: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R7: vs. Celtic Dragons
R8: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R9: vs. Team Bath
R9: vs. Surrey Storm
R11: vs. Saracens Mavericks
R13: vs. London Pulse
R14: vs. Severn Stars
R15: vs. Manchester Thunder
R15: vs. Leeds Rhinos
R16: vs. Surrey Storm
R17: vs. Celtic Dragons
R18: vs. Loughborough Lightning
R19: vs. Team Bath
R20: vs. Strathclyde Sirens

LAST SEASON: 7th (10-9-1)


Wasps Netball has lost some talent over the off-season, but will be looking to structures and homegrown youth to maintain their competitive nature in 2022. Not far off reaching the finals in 2021, Wasps will be keen to have a good start to the season and try and springboard off early performances to set themselves up in the second half of the year.

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