2023 NSL Season Preview: Team Bath

THE 2023 Netball Super League (NSL) season is just around the corner, and clubs and fans alike are gearing up for another exciting season.

After an eventful off season the 10 NSL clubs are ready to go for another year, and to prepare for the season we here at Rookie Me Central are going to go around the league and take a look at where each of the clubs sit ahead of the new season.

In today’s preview, it is time to head west to Bath to check in on Team Bath ahead of the new season.

Team Bath have been one of the top teams for a long time, but never been able to go all the way for some seasons.

Their last premiership was 10 years ago this year, and despite making the finals so many times in the years since that flag they have not been able to reach a Grand Final.

However with the changes that Bath has made in the offseason, the question heading into this year for the team is “is youth going to be the answer to them returning to the Grand Final?”. This is because the average age of the squad for this year is only 22.

Under the leadership of Lily-May Catling and Betsy Creak and with English Roses stalwart Imogen Allison still in the team, there are plenty of new faces pulling on the blue and gold of Bath this season.

Among the new faces are two returning faces, with Kadeen Corbin and Summer Artman returning from Saracens and Severn respectively.

Artman’s former Stars teammate Bethan Dyke has also joined Bath, while former Rhino Sophie Kelly has also come across, as had former London Pulse Jayda Pechova.

Speaking of Stars, Ali Wilshier has come halfway around the world from the Stars in New Zealand’s ANZ Championship to join Bath this season.

There are also a few new training partners for this season, namely Phoebe Maslen and Annie O’Rourke.

Despite all this exciting talent coming in, they are replacing a lot of experience who have either retired or left to other clubs.

English Roses pair Sophie Drakeford-Lewis and Layla Guscoth have both gone to Surrey, while Jessica Shaw has gone to Severn. Shaw’s sister Rachel retired, as did Kim Borger and Serena Guthrie. Phumza Maweni has gone home to South Africa, while also left the club.

While not technically a departure, Tash Pavelin is also not in the team for 2023. She has been ruled out for the year after she injured her ACL.

Team Bath Squad 2023

Imogen Allison, Summer Artman, Lily-May Catling, Kadeen Corbin, Betsy Creak, Bethan Dyke, Kirsty Harris, Lily Jones, Sophie Kelly, Phoebe Maslen, Annie O’Rourke, Hannah Passmore, Jayda Pechova, Ali Wilshier

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