Australian Diamonds: Player analysis – Amy Parmenter

A NEWCOMER to the Australian Diamonds program in 2021/22, Amy Parmenter is one of the players to watch come international tests with her ability to impact, and impact heavily. A talented NSW junior and starting wing defence for GIANTS Netball, Parmenter has continually upped her game throughout the pathways and into the Suncorp Super Netball.

Parmenter’s elevation to the 2021/22 Diamonds squad was a long time coming, with the specialist wing defence offering a unique skillset and bringing plenty of great form and explosiveness to the selection table. In this analysis, we will delve into what makes Parmenter such a gamechanger to the Diamonds program and just what it is that she brings to the extended squad.

Amy Parmenter leaping with the ball in her hands at 2021 Australian Diamonds camp
Picture credit: Australian Diamonds
Amy Parmenter

League/s: Suncorp Super Netball

Season/s: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

  • Games [tot]: 42

  • Goal Assists: 28

  • Centre Pass Receives: 195

  • Feeds: 47

  • Intercepts: 82

  • Deflections: 185

  • Penalties: 467

  • Turnovers: 61

What makes “Parmy” so valuable?

  • X-factor
  • Instinct
  • Specialisation

It is safe to say that of Parmenter’s greatest attributes, it is her X-factor and instinct that make her such a crucial addition to the Diamonds. Instinct is not a realistically teachable skill, making it all the more valuable especially in the wing defence position. While Parmenter can rotate through the centre too, she has more than proved in the SSN that she is better suited to the wing defence role with her tenacity and flair. Parmenter’s impact in the position is undeniable, consistently matching it with – and beating – some of the best attackers in the competition. The GIANTS’ focus on Parmenter being a specialised wing defender has well and truly paid off, with her consistency over the past few seasons allowing her to use her well-rounded skill-set to full potential.

What could see Parmenter miss out on game-day selection?

  • Lack of test experience
  • Over-popularity of WD
  • Specialisation

What makes Parmenter such a strong player could unfortunately also be her downfall in an international context, with recent Diamonds game-day squads appearing to go for versatility over specialised skills. Unfortunately, something as simple as a lack of test experience – not for a lack of trying – could also get in Parmenter’s way of making her mark. That point ties into the over-popularity of wing defence within the Diamonds squad, with the likes of Jamie-Lee Price and Ash Brazill likely to earn selection over Parmenter due to their versatility and greater experience in international circumstances.

In summary…

While Parmenter’s pros undeniably outweigh her cons, the Diamonds coaching staff have some tough decisions to come as pending international test matches loom closer. That being said, even Parmenter’s cons are more about the position she plays than her own skill level, meaning one can never say never to the crafty wing defence earning a call-up to the squad. With so many great attributes, it will be tough going if Parmenter does not earn a bench spot at the very least. Her upside and consistency is as good as it gets, with the wing defence a hard worker and at the very least, could play a huge impact role if given the chance.

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